Sevastopol, “delayed salaries for officers”: the background is shocking for Moscow

Sevastopol, “delayed salaries for officers”: the background is shocking for Moscow

The war in Ukraine is taking place in the military and information spheres. According to Moscow, the Ukrainian attack on Sevastopol on September 22 was carried out in close coordination with the United States and the United Kingdom. This was reported by TASS. But in the past few hours, it became clear that the Ukrainian move was supported by secret information about the Russian fleet in the Black Sea. It appears that Russian officers were the ones who distributed this information to the Ukrainian military partisan movement in retaliation for the delay in receiving their payments. Salaries.

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Atish fighters revealed this background. Crimean Tatars helping the Ukrainians told the Kyiv Post they had managed to collect sensitive information from senior Russian leaders who were upset that they had not received their salaries from Moscow on time. Thus, the Russians will have revealed everything they know about the fleet, and they will receive sums of money in return. A member of the Atish partisan movement explained that it was not only the delay in payments that prompted the Moscow army to betray the Russian authorities: “The financial reward was the decisive incentive that convinced them to cooperate with us.”

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