The failure of the coup attempt in Bolivia

The failure of the coup attempt in Bolivia

Bolivia’s president, Luis Arce, took control of an attempted coup instigated by a former army commander. Juan Jose Zunigawas recently fired because he opposes the former president’s truth Evo Morales It could be introduced in next year’s elections.

Zúñiga entered the presidential palace after a sit-in under his command broke down the door and had a tense conversation with the country’s president. Arce ordered him to leave the square where the presidential palace was located and to withdraw all deployed troops.

Meanwhile, thousands of people gather around the square, and the police, on orders from the country’s president, occupy it while the army withdraws.

After the incident, Arce appointed a new commander-in-chief of the army, José Wilson Sanchez, who issued an order to withdraw the army, which the soldiers in the field adhered to.

There were no acts of violence or injuries in the action, which appeared to be a personal reaction of a higher command, rather than a coordinated maneuver by the military.

The Organization of American States, neighboring countries, and the international community in general have condemned this coup attempt, which all indications point to its failure within a few hours of its beginning.

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