US elections, poll: Trump ‘defeats’ Biden in 2024

US elections, poll: Trump ‘defeats’ Biden in 2024

In a new hypothetical duel in the US elections between Donald Trump and Joe Biden in 2024, the Republican will win 44% of the vote, compared to 39% of the Democratic president. That’s what emerged from an Emerson College poll, cited by The Hill, in which 12% of respondents answered that they would vote for someone else. In May, a similar poll attributed 44% of the vote to Trump, but at the time Biden could count on 42% of the vote.

Meanwhile, the US president is returning to a plea for Americans to elect Democratic candidates in the November elections to overturn the Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion. In a virtual meeting with dozens of Democratic governors, Biden acknowledged that there are currently not enough votes in the Senate to suspend stalling rules that would allow Democrats to veto Roe vs. Wade, which legalized abortion and was rejected by the court, in a federal law.

β€œThe choice is clear β€” the president said β€” either we will elect federal senators and representatives who will legalize Roe or Republicans will try to ban abortion nationally.”

“The disruption shouldn’t impede our ability to ‘change the rules in the Senate to legalize Roe,’ and at the moment we don’t have votes in the Senate,” Biden admitted. Then the president returned to determine the ruling the Supreme Court a week ago, “a horrific and extreme decision that, in my opinion, puts lives at risk, I share the public’s outrage at this extremist court.”

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