The usual drying rack, but you’re drying twice as many clothes: Even laundromats use this trick

The usual drying rack, but you’re drying twice as many clothes: Even laundromats use this trick

The trick to optimizing space on the drying rack and drying more laundry: Perfect for summer.

In most parts of Italy, during the winter months, it is necessary to use dryers, especially in very humid areas or where there is no wind. The problem, of course, is that these very useful devices are used A large amount of electricity And me very expensive From a cost point of view.

Once good weather arrives, the best thing you can do is stop using it. But unfortunately, those who do not have a balcony or terrace equipped with clotheslines are forced to hang clothes at home using a classic drying rack.

However, in summer, we tend to change our clothes more often and therefore do more washing: there may not be enough space on the clothesline, especially if we have a large family.

The trick is to hang more laundry on the drying rack

Classic drying racks They have Central body Which are lined with fairly long ropes and Two wings which contains Smaller chains On which we usually hang smaller clothes to dry.

In summer we need more space –

The problem is In the wings usually You can hang it up Very few items, usually Only one strand per rope, so you end up being strictly limited by how many strings there are per wing. However, this is a false problem: it’s all about understanding how to organize and, above all, make best use of the space you have.

Hanging a larger number of items on each wing will be sufficient Hang each oblique end, That is, one end of the edge should be on the highest string of the wing and one end should be on the lowest string. This way they can Hang your clothes closer, Installing many clothes in one suite.

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However, it must be specified This technique slows down the drying process For this reason, It should only be used if you can keep your laundry outside on a balcony or by a window. This way the clothes will stay dry within a reasonable amount of time and will not end up taking on a distinct and unpleasant damp smell.

in the end, Cotton clothes And large in size It shouldn’t be put that way Because they tend to become very heavy during washing due to the water they absorb, they can therefore become deformed due to the weight not supporting a full rope.

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