Google Pixel Watch, a potentially innovative management system: Users are in turmoil

Google Pixel Watch, a potentially innovative management system: Users are in turmoil

Google Pixel Watch can integrate an innovative management system. This is what users are all about.

Google has decided to increasingly focus on smart watches. They are smart devices that can be placed on the wrist and give access to a long list of unique and exclusive features. Simply connect your personal smartphone and set everything up, to take advantage of calls, messages, apps, navigation, etc.

Google Pixel Watches could have a new management system (screenshot from Google) –

Just a few weeks ago, Google Pixel Watch 2. A long-awaited second generation that did not disappoint in terms of innovative features and additional gadgets. But as always, the technology sector is in a constant state of turmoil, and there is already talk about what could be the Google Pixel Watch 3. Among other things, a patent related to the Google Pixel Watch 3 has appeared. Possible innovative management system.

Google Pixel Watch 3: this is what the management system could be like

A new patent recently came out regarding what these might be i Pixel Watch 3 from Google. Among other things, we are talking about A A completely futuristic and innovative management system, Which sent the most ardent fans into turmoil. Who can’t wait now to learn about the potential innovations that Mountain View will incorporate in the coming years.

A new patent has appeared on the Google Pixel Watch 3 (screenshot) –

The title of the patent is “Gesture recognition on the watch bezel using strain gauges“And, as you can imagine, the idea is to go… Integrate a series of sensors inside the body to ensure that certain gestures can be used. Such as tapping, tapping, and swiping.

So he says Goodbye crowns and edges, is very effective but has some drawbacks that must be taken into consideration. With the new system it will be possible to obtain a more pleasant aesthetic result, reduce the risk of impermeability and a simplified production system. You can, for example, tap the side of the watch to play music, or tap the top to open an app. These are just some of Potential advantages of this management system.

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However, it is a simple patent at the moment, and It is not certain that in the future it will become a finished and completed project. In fact, several times in recent years Google has published these documents, which then remained public, were postponed to the construction site and never became a reality that could be brought to market.

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