The USA team for Beijing is here

Seventeen will be the standard grandchildren of the USA team: a full team for women (eleven, thanks to two rescheduling), instead of six men.
Nine newcomers to the game: Paula Moltson, Nina O’Brien, Keely Cashman, Katie Hensian, AJ Hurt, Maureen Mo. Label, Isabella Bella Wright, River Radhamus and Luke Winters.
Apparently Captain Michael Schiffrin, his Breezy Johnson, Tricia Mangan (already in Korea) and Jacqueline Jackie Wiles to finish the pink team (instead Sochi returns to the games after participating in the tournament).
The men’s team will be mainly fast with Bryce Bennett, Ryan Cochran-Seagal and Travis Canong and Tommy Ford returning from injury in 2021 in Adelbotton.

2022 US Olympic Alpine Team
Keely Cashman (Strawberry, California – 4/4/1999 – Team Policates Tahoe)
Katie Hensian (Redmond, Washington – 2/12/1999 – Rowmark Sky Academy)
AJ Hurt (Cornelian Bay, California – 5/12/2000 – Team Policies Tahoe)
Breezy Johnson (Victor, Idaho – 19/1/1996 – Rowmark Sky Academy)
Maureen “Mo” label (Truck, California – 13/6/1998 – Sugar Bowl Sky Team / Memmount Mountain Sky Team)
Tricia Mangan (Buffalo, New York – 7/3/1997 – Holmont Race Team)
Paula Moltson (formerly Lake, Minnesota – 7/4/1994 – Buck Hill Sky Team / Sky & Snowboard Club Weil / University of Vermont)
Nina O’Brien (Edwards, Colorado – 29/11/1997 – Burk Mountain Academy / Team Policates Tahoe)
Michael Schiffrin (Edwards, Colorado – 13/3/1995 – Burke Mountain Academy / Sky & Snowboard Club Weil)
Jacqueline “Jackie” Viles (Aurora, Oregon – 13/7/1992 – White Boss Sky Club)
Isabella “Bella” Wright (Salt Lake City, Utah – 10/2/1997 – Snowboard Sports Education Foundation)

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Price Bennett (Tahoe City, California – 14/7/1992 – Team Policies Tahoe)

Ryan Cochran-Seagull (Starkborough, Vermont – 27/3/1992 – Cochrane / Mount Mansfield Sky & Snowboard Club)

Tommy Ford (Bent, Oregon – 20/3/1989 – Mount. Undergraduate Sky Education Foundation)

Travis Canong (Alpine Meadows, California – 14/7/1988 – Team Policates Tahoe)

River Radhamus (Edwards, Colorado – 12/2/1998 – Sky & Snowboard Club Weil)

Luke Winters (Gresham, Oregon – 2/4/1997 – Sugar Bowl Academy)

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