The US Supreme Court will decide whether Donald Trump can run for president

The US Supreme Court will decide whether Donald Trump can run for president

Elections in the United States

Justices agree to consider the former president's lawsuit against the Colorado state justice, who vetoed him in the Republican primary.

BarcelonaThe United States Supreme Court will have the final say on a key element in the country's electoral race: it will have to decide whether Donald Trump can be a candidate in the presidential election, which will be held in November this year. On Wednesday, the former Republican president appealed to the highest court in the country the decision taken by the Colorado Supreme Court to expel him from the Republican primary in that state for his role in the attack on the Capitol building on January 6, 2021. And overnight, the justices agreed to study the case. Their decision will be critical, because it will apply not only to Colorado, but to the entire country.

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The Colorado judiciary announced the veto on December 19, in an unprecedented step, and the state of Maine followed suit a week later. In this case, it was the Secretary of State, the local elections official, who also accepted the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, which prohibits people who participated in insurrection, such as the one yesterday, from aspiring to the presidency for three years. This is the first time in the history of the United States. In which this legal tool is used to exclude a presidential candidate from the election. The Supreme Court will make a decision during the month of February, before Colorado and Maine celebrate the Republican primaries on March 5, a day known as Super Tuesday..

Additionally, other states have filed lawsuits to try to prevent the Republican mogul from running for re-election. Judges in Minnesota and Michigan have ruled that out, while in other states, like Oregon, a decision is still pending.

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The nation's highest court has a conservative majority (6-3), and three of the justices were appointed by Trump while he was president. After accepting the former Republican president's request, they now have the most important decision regarding their political future, although not the only one. Supreme Court justices must also decide whether the former president is guilty or innocent of charges of trying to obstruct the transfer of power on January 6, 2021, one of four pending criminal trials against the former president, along with the Florida trial (for the secret case). Newspapers), New York (in the Stormy Daniels case), and Georgia (in connection with the alleged attempt to change the outcome of the election in that state).

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