The US Senate abandons the dress code: “Disrespect for the institution”

The US Senate abandons the dress code: “Disrespect for the institution”

via The dress to be wornAnd in the Senate. American but. In fact, Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer issued a directive giving senators the freedom to wear “casual attire” to enter the Senate chamber of Congress. It seems that the decision to introduce less strict rules regarding the dress code came in the wake of this – he writes AP – In the manner of Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman, although his name was not mentioned in Schumer’s statement. In fact, the 54-year-old was allowed to dress up in some way unofficial, shorts and a sweatshirt so to speak, after being hospitalized for 6 weeks for depression. But now Schumer’s decision has (inevitably) caused discontent among the House’s more conservative members. Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins joked about the change, saying, “Tomorrow I will be showing up to the Senate in a bikini.” While Republican Roger Marshall said, “Senators must have a certain level of decency.” Finally, 46 Republican senators wrote a statement condemning the decision, calling the decision “disrespectful to the institution.” But it was Fetterman himself who put an end to the controversy, telling reporters that he was happy “to have this option,” but that he intends to “use it, as the Democrat says, sparingly and without abusing it.” When asked about his more conservative criticisms of the clothing, he said instead: “Aren’t there more important things we should be working on right now instead of clothes?”

Cover photo: ANSA/ Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman

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