Italy risks a b epidemic, the government studies the new decree: short green corridor, tampons and no parties

Italy risks the orange zone. and the Draghi government Considers the new decree that will bring New Year’s pressure: buffer for vaccinated people, reduced duration green laneoutdoor masks. But on the table there is also the requirement to obtain a certificate for shopping centers. when they arrive Recommendations Also for parties and parties in private homes. With the goal of a safe birthday. Meanwhile, anesthesiologists anticipation 70% increase in intensive care hiring and return to claim closure no fax. e Guido Rasi, Emma ex and consultant SonAnd Warn this if varante Omicron A vaccine hack would practically be another virus and Italy would risk a “pandemic”.

Omicron . Tracking

For the new constraints, the . file flash scan Which the Ministry of Health activated to measure the growth of the new variable. Because the Istituto Superiore di Sanità is monitored every week they explain The growth in the incidence of cases per inhabitant caused contact tracing. It is believed that behind the numbers showing a low prevalence of Omicron there is a poor ability to research it. Just what I had in my head yesterday half an hour more“Little data is being collected slowly. We risk finding out how late the virus is, delaying important decisions.” This is why we risk finding ourselves in the orange zone without even realizing it. And it gets worse: “If the Omicron variant completely penetrated the vaccine, it would be practically another virus. It would be a pandemic b.”

And on Thursday, December 23, the control room and the cabinet are preparing to give the green light for the announced measures. The first metric is the buffer for all those who participate in public events – and thus parties too? – Which neither scientists nor politicians like. the teacher Antonella Viola he has written today onwards printing The government is wrong to impose tampons on vaccinated people because it is a punitive measure against those who have done their duty. Health advisor in the Lazio region Alessio D’Amato he has Requested To impose the duty of vaccination. Currently on paper, there is a possibility that the card will become mandatory for others as well as for health professionals, law enforcement agencies, and educators.

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5-month certificate

Other measures to be taken are outdoor masks and shortening the duration of the Covid-19 green certificate. He will align it with the calls and push the citizens to go for the third dose. There is also the premise of a total ban on parties and balls to discourage gatherings, such as I already did yesterday The Campania region has a specific law. Republic Today he writes that the Executive wants to extend the scope of 2G work (ie: pass only pollination and processing) to other sectors where today buffer logic prevails. There is a deadline problem. For many Italians, the vaccination passport expires between January and February, given many departments for the second dose between July and August.

Therefore, the newspaper explains, citizens must undergo the third injection (which can be received already five months after the second) within a month and a half. Otherwise, they risk being excluded from any social activity: restaurants, bars, theaters, cinemas, stadiums, museums. There are reasons why only vaccinated and treated people can be allowed into retail stores (excluding pharmacies and foodstuffs), local public transportation, planes and long-distance trains. On the tinge of people vaccinated for major events, the alternative is to go back to having them play behind closed doors. While the most important decisions will be issued in January. When vaccination duty can arrive, cry out by the experts.

What will the new decree look like?

The measures the Draghi government is considering for the new decree are:

  • reducing the duration of the green ticket to 5 months;
  • smear people vaccinated for major events;
  • Obligation to obtain a green card for shopping centers and supermarkets;
  • The mask is outdoors.
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There are also reasons why recommendations can be made to private parties and parties. In this regard, we already know that experts advise to maintain social distancing by avoiding physical contact between people who are not cohabiting, and to wear masks as much as possible, especially in the presence of weak or elderly people. Even with the updated green certificate, it is best to take a swab test before going to the party. It is best if all guests do it. Experts also ask to ventilate rooms in rooms with many people and to wash your hands often. In the white and yellow zone, it will also be possible to visit relatives and friends or go shopping, since all movements are allowed, but soon the mask will have to be worn everywhere, even in the fresh air.

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