The US ambassador to Haiti knocked on the door

I do not agree with the inhumane and counterproductive decision of the United States to deport thousands of Haitian refugees and illegal immigrants to Haiti, where our officers are locked up in safe havens due to the danger of armed gangs controlling their daily lives..

Our political approach in Haiti is deeply flawed and my recommendations have been ignored and rejected, when not changed., Also condemns Mr. Foot in his condemnation.

In May 2016, Daniel Food testified at the US Congress.

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At a news conference in New York, Anthony Blingen on Thursday thanked the diplomat for his work: That doesn’t mean we can’t agree on the right approach.

The level of frustration among immigrants only affects all of us severely, so I really understand the interest surrounding this subject.

A quote:Anthony Blingen, US Secretary of State

Daniel Foote’s allegations were earlier denied by his spokesman Nate Price. Simply lying According to him.

Ambassador Did not use the opportunity to express His Concerns about immigrants during his reign, instead, chose to resign, He lamented.

Another official accused him of trying to go beyond his borders on US policy in Haiti.

Anthony Blink.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen

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Immigrants gathered together

Tens of thousands of immigrants, mostly Haitians, have been concentrating for weeks in the Mexican cities of Tapasula (on the southern border of Guatemala) and Ciudad Acuna (on the northern, Texas border), where they live in heat and unsanitary conditions.

In the latter city, tensions erupted on Thursday after the deployment of hundreds of Mexican police, AFP reporters reported.

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After the announcement of the National Migration Agency (IM), the police were stopped and pointed to the situation of immigrants.

Many crossed one river and went to the other.

Haitian immigrants arriving in Ciudad Aguana, Mexico, cross the Rio Grande on Thursday to travel to the United States.

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Fleeing poverty and chaos, these immigrants take refuge in the United States, after many of them have crossed a dozen countries, such as Panama and Colombia, where about 19,000 immigrants, mostly Haitians, are stranded on the border.

The United States has stopped deporting Haitian illegal immigrants Earthquake destroys southern Haiti On August 14th, but restoration, in a few days More than 15,000 immigrants under one bridge in Texas Has changed the game.

Stopping the use of loaded agents

Authorities said Thursday that U.S. border police will temporarily suspend the use of officers on horseback around the small town of Del Rio, Texas, where Haitians are treating immigrants seeking to enter the United States in a humiliating manner.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Myorgas Let the leaders of the civil rights organizations know that we will no longer use horses in Del RioWhite House spokeswoman Jen Zaki said.

A spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security said the move was taken Temporarily. We will prioritize the use of other methods to identify individuals in medical distress., He said in a statement.

1,400 Haitians were expelled

Since Sunday, U.S. migration services have already issued 12 flights, deporting more than 1,400 people, including several hundred children, to the capital, Port-au-Prince, and the country’s second city, Cape-Haitian.

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Daniel Food was appointed on July 22 with the goal of Facilitates peace and stability As well as conducting elections Free and fair Then Assassination of President Joanel MossHe was killed on July 7 at his private home by an armed commando.

His parliamentary difficulties and his resignation after Afghanistan are a new blow to Joe Biden: Mass exodus of Haitian immigrants Towards their country in the midst of security turmoil – with harsh words – is being criticized by its own ambassador.

Two people are sitting in the sea.

Haitians are looking forward to the opportunity to fly from Colombia’s Nekogli to Panama. Thousands of Haitians are currently in the port city.

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In a rare critique, Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumacher also called for an immediate end to the deportation described by Joe Biden on Tuesday.Worse.

Such a decision is against common sense And discipline, He rebelled, insisting that the country could not because of the difficult conditions in Haiti Didn’t get them.

Anthony Blingen blamed this Misinformation This inspires Haitians to believe, thanks to the fact that they can come and stay in the United States.

The United States was one of the main forces influencing Haiti, which occupied the country militarily for 19 years from 1915 to 1934.

President Joe Biden has refused to send US troops in defiance of a request from the Haitian government for troops to protect the Caribbean.

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