Nancy Pelosi promotes Georgia Meloni: What an impression she made on the United States

Nancy Pelosi promotes Georgia Meloni: What an impression she made on the United States

Italy-USA, Nancy Pelosi promotes Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. On the sidelines of the Ambrosetti Forum in Cernobbio, the President of the American Chamber expressed her entire country’s appreciation to our Prime Minister. Pelosi made explicit reference to Meloni’s recent visit to the United States, which was judged very positively. “The fact that Giorgia Meloni is the first woman prime minister in Italy is remarkable, and it is always remarkable for a woman to be prime minister. Let’s hope he does well,” said Nancy Pelosi, Honorary President of the American Chamber, on the sidelines of the Ambrosetti Forum in Chernobyl. “Georgia Meloni made a good impression when she was in the United States. In the meeting I held with Biden and in Congress “. He added, ′′ Our relationship with Italy is also based on major security issues. This is very important for the European Union, NATO, Ukraine, Russia, and we hope that also in China “.

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In recent days, the Speaker of the House of Representatives has also pointed out the upcoming presidential elections in the United States. Trump’s return to the White House will be a “tragedy” so “we must put all the tools in place to ensure that the result of the 2024 presidential election is to defend our flag, the flag that flies in public buildings and that guarantees freedom” and justice: it is clear that this is not a simple election, it will be a battle For democracy and we will win it.” This was stated by the Honorary President of the US Congress, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, in an interview with major Italian newspapers. He added, “What I tell you is: Do not underestimate the strength of our institutions and the attachment of Americans to the nation.” Commenting on the Giorgia Meloni government. I don’t want to go into Italian politics. I can say that Meloni seems very determined to me, and her recent visit to the White House went well.” Pelosi added, “He has many issues that need to be resolved. I find the way he deals with the rights of minorities and the LGBT community problematic, in relation to my values ​​and what I believe in. On the other hand, he had a clear position on Ukraine.

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