The trade expects to maintain sales in the winter sales

The trade expects to maintain sales in the winter sales

(ACN) Sale campaign Arrives divided between uncertainty due to effects Economic inflation And the Sales maintenance. This is what ACN refers to as, on the one hand, a manager Bemek Trade, Pilar Minguez, according to an internal employer survey, in which 59% expressed doubts about how the campaign would go. but, commerceAssociation of Family Retail Employers, i.e Barcelona Open They expect numbers similar to those of last year. In fact, many tourist establishments in Barcelona are hoping for a return Asian customer That can translate into more purchases. The biggest discounts will be focused on the fashion and accessories sector, and merchants hope to sell the accumulated stock of winter clothes due to the high temperatures.

boss Bemek Trade The doubts expressed by the participants are justified by the fact that “families are increasing Less purchasing powerThe purchases they make are more “planned.” president commerceDavid Sanchez expects sales numbers to be similar to last year's numbers, but notes that sales volume will rise by approximately 5% for next year. Rising prices. “Increase in sales volume but with the same units sold,” confirms Sanchez. Spokesman Barcelona OpenJoachim De Toca also expects similar customer behavior in 2023. However, De Toca believes that this year's calendar will not favor these promotions and that starting them on Sunday may make him lose “theDiscount effectIt is short-term consumption.”

Accumulation of winter clothes due to high temperatures

What they agreed on, whether from PIMEC Comerç, Barcelona Oberta or Comertia, is that meteorologywith registrations higher than usual, had an impact, because it caused the accumulation of inventories Winter clothes. “It is another factor that must be taken into account,” emphasizes Pilar Mínguez, and that “it will be used to make… Big discountsSanchez confirms that this is a win-win for the trade and the customer, “because the material is actually bought and sold at more competitive prices.”

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Discounts in the digital age

Sales continue year after year in a market that has evolved and witnessed year-round offers like Souq Black Friday I Cyber ​​MondayIn addition to e-commerce. Overall, “it has distorted the traditional notion of what it is discounts, But it is a social reality,” explains the commercial director of SMEs. In his opinion, all this offer “must converge and coexist,” and emphasizes that each one has its own customer.

Joachim De Toca defends Bigger discount The type that goes on sale remaining from the Christmas campaign now in January, on the other hand, days like Black Friday They are pre-Christmas, last less and act as a thermometer. That's why he points out that “every promotion has its meaning.”

David Sanchez highlights the “dynamism” of institutions to adapt to the times as well as lower prices outside the classic seasons and “they do not lose competitiveness”, highlights the head of commerce. But he warns of the weight that online shopping gains amid traditional commerce.

Increase sales in local trade

he Council of Trade, Services and Tourism Unions envisages a campaign with a 5% increase in sales Compared to last year, which was pulled down by A Nadal The organization says “relatively positive.” Domestic trade calculates that Average spending It will be for everyone Between 75 and 80 euros But he explains that this figure is the result of “inflation effects” and not increased sales. The association, which includes more than 15,000 small and medium-sized companies in the country, expects that purchases “will be concentrated in the first two weeks” and “will gradually lose their impact.”

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