The United States, record profits for oil and gas giants: $ 60 billion in 3 months

The United States, record profits for oil and gas giants: $ 60 billion in 3 months

approx 60 billion dollars in three months. These are the profits accumulated by giants petroleum And the Gas Americans ExxonMobil And the chevronAnd from European countries coincidenceAnd the total energies And the BP Thanks to the exploitation of energy prices. Four of these groups, except for BP, as I mentioned before sun 24 hoursand they were also dedicated over the course of at least 2022 $100 billion in the form of payments to investors. Mind-boggling characters who never left the president indifferent Joe Biden which stated that “in the past six months, six major oil companies have achieved more than 100 billion in profitsHe stressed that “giving profits to shareholders is different from reducing prices to families.” But Darren Woods, the CEO of Exxon, immediately responded to the US president: “There are discussions in the United States about returning some of the profits from our industry to the population, and that’s what we’re doing with quarterly earnings.” also Mike WirthAnd the chief executive officer On the other hand, Chevron responded to the criticism, asserting that “after years of bad returns associated with environmental policies, there have been bad times, for two years we have suffered huge losses: happy moments, like hard times, do not last”, and identifying the “myopia” of those Who are considering imposing restrictions on investment in the sector. In fact, the records of refining, production and export contributed to the jump in profits. The implementation of LNG exports to Europe is, for US companies, an additional gold standard. So far, Exxon’s revenue has jumped to 112 billion (+54% compared to the previous year), while that of Chevron reached the share 656.64 billion (+49%).

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