Same cars with different names in different countries: why and some examples

Same cars with different names in different countries: why and some examples

Same cars with different names in different countries: Sure, if you’ve ever traveled abroad, you’ll come across some car models that you know by a name, but in that particular country they were trading under a different name. And I legitimately wondered why. Simply marketing reasons? In fact, this exchange of names is not alone for cars, but also for many other products. Among these, just to give a few examples, stands out Mastro Lindo, who in most countries is called Mr. Clean, but also Mediaworld, known in all countries where it is located as Media Markt, but also the brand Algida, which has a different name for practically each country where it is located.

A car abroad with a different name: why?

Basically, there are 3 reasons for changing the names of cars abroad:

  • marketing
  • Diplomacy
  • Tongue

The marketing Direct everything into reality: a name in one country may be more attractive than the same name used in another. Or it may happen that a brand name in a particular country leads to bad memories, bad thoughts or can cause embarrassment. A name, in a language other than that of the country of origin, can mean something that has nothing to do with what was initially thought, or even be vulgar or offensive.

In the automotive sector, in general, the main reason why the name of the same car differs based on the country in which it is traded is due to marketing reasons. The goal, in fact, is always only one: Increase SalesTo do this, you need a personalized promotional ad, starting with the name of the model. The name should be cool in the language it is spoken and should not attract negative, embarrassing thoughts and the least vulgar elements.

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Same cars with different names abroad: examples

Now let’s get to the heart of this article, the list some examples certifying that different names are used for the same vehicle model depending on the country in which it is marketed.

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