The United States of America is ready for a new war: “Shield” with fighters, aircraft carriers and marines

The United States of America is ready for a new war: “Shield” with fighters, aircraft carriers and marines

What happened last October 7 in Israel added fuel to the fire of instability in the Middle East. Attack on agitationwhich were conducted by launching “barrage” missiles and more complex operations in which militias and even “frogmen” participated in small amphibious operations behind the lines, sparked a violent reaction from the Israel Which appears to be preparing for a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip, or at least its northern part (north of the Gaza Valley).

The American shield in the Red Sea

But the picture is more complex, as Iran has hardened its opposition to the Jewish state through agent Which has in the area: The HouthisYemeni rebels backed by Tehran, in the pawn game created to confront Saudi Arabia, launched at least three missiles and eight “kamikaze” drones that were probably directed towards Israel, aiming for the port of Eilat, although we believe The systems used, due to their range, could not have reached Israeli territory and were therefore most likely directed at the American destroyer. USS Carneyof the Arleigh Burke class, which is Activate them to intercept them. From what we know from American sources, Sm-2 “Standard” missiles were used from the launched system. Aegis To eliminate the threat, the United States again stated that the target of the attack was unclear although General Pat Carney, the Pentagon’s press secretary, commented on the incident by saying that they would “likely” strike Israel.

The risk of escalation with Tehran

We always talk about agent Iranians north of the Jewish state Hizb allahfrom LebanonHe carried out some intermittent mortar and rocket fire towards positions guarded by the Israeli army, provoking a weak response that can be described as purely declarative. Tel Aviv threatened the Lebanese Hezbollah movement, which is closely linked to Tehran, that any more severe action would lead to a full-force attack.

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It is precisely this last possibility, an Israeli attack on either Lebanon or the Gaza Strip, that could lead to a direct Iranian response: we know in fact that Tehran, on the night between October 19 and 20, Some missiles moved Projectiles along the road from the capital to Qom, located a hundred kilometers to the south.

Iran, which has no direct borders with Israel, can intervene militarily directly by either using its huge arsenal of ballistic missiles. The largest in the region – And by giving authorization to the Revolutionary Guards (or Iranian Revolutionary Guards) located in Syria To support the Assad regime in the fight against ISIS and the rebels, and to carry out sabotage through infiltration. Obviously, this type of action can also be performed by Pro-Shiite militias With the support of Tehran, which is located in the largest region within Iranian politics.”The Shiite Crescent“.

The United States moves its forces to the region

Specifically to prevent the conflict from turning into a regional conflict United State They decided almost immediately to redeploy their forces to the area to reinforce their forces The ability to deterAnd also to protect the military installations they have in the region (in Syria and Iraq). Two attack groups Aircraft carrier (or CSG – Carrier strike group) transits the waters of the Eastern Mediterranean (the waters of the USS Ford and the USS Eisenhower) with enormous firepower provided by the air group and escort units, in this case by Ticonderoga-class cruisers (one each). CSG) which can fire cruiser-type Tomahawk missiles.

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the 26 May (Marine reconnaissance unit) – capable of special operations – aboard the amphibious assault unit USS Mesa Verde, which is usually around 2,400 men strong (but can reach 4,400 if reinforced), and has already been in the Mediterranean for some time at most. Selection to express deterrence towards Iran.

In addition to the naval forces, other fighter-bombers arrived in the Middle East last Friday F-15E “Striking Eagle”It landed in Jordan and another on Thursday A-10 “The Second Thunderbolt” The fearsome “tank destroyers” that gave an excellent account of themselves in the First Gulf War. Thus, Washington’s message is clear: If hostile forces attack Israel or American bases in the region, the United States will respond from sea and air with all the firepower it has deployed in the Middle East.

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