Kaspersky with Huawei in the Entity List: Security Risks in the United States

Kaspersky with Huawei in the Entity List: Security Risks in the United States

Kaspersky Entry US blacklist Which includes companies deemed a threat to national security. The FCC’s decision comes just days before The Italian position that the government banned Russian anti-virus software by the public administration.

It’s a list we know all too well, a USA list, and a China monopoly – leading the way, we know, Huawei was – And just last Friday, Kaspersky, China Telecom Americas and China Mobile International USA were last added. The Russian company has a record To be the first non-Chinese company in the entity lista record that was not valued by the administration that determined the FCC’s decision.”In response to the geopolitical climate rather than a comprehensive assessment of the safety of Kaspersky products and services“.

For the United States, that’s a decision.”Enabling US communications networks from national security threats“. White House The possibility of a Russian cyberattack is tangible In large proportions to the country, the introduction of Kaspersky in the blacklist of Companies you don’t like It should be read as the desire to create a defensive and preemptive structure to be ready at the moment of a possible attack.

However, relations between the USA and Kaspersky have never been so rosy: since 2017, antivirus software has been blocked in some federal contexts for fear of Spying by Moscow. For its part, the Russian company has always denied the existence of direct relations with the Kremlin, considering considerations on its part.Based on false accusations and inaccurate assumptions“.”Unacceptable riskIt was identified by the White House at the time, and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has now re-used the same words to motivate its inclusion in the Entity List.

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