Meanwhile in the world – international

Meanwhile in the world – international

Ukraine and Russia
The Kyiv government received new Western air defense systems on November 7 to counter Russian missiles hitting the country’s cities and infrastructure, while North Korea denies it supplied Moscow with weapons. Meanwhile, Russia and the United States are discussing Resumption of talks on strategic nuclear weapons For the first time since Moscow sent troops to Ukraine: reports from the Russian newspaper Kommersant and US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan confirmed this, as the channels of communication between Washington and Moscow remain open.

policeman 27
Failure to accelerate the climate crisis is tantamount to “mass suicide,” I have announced On November 7, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres presented world leaders attending the ongoing COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. “Humanity has a choice: cooperate or die. Either a climate solidarity pact or a mass suicide pact,” Guterres said, calling for “taxing the extra profits of multinational corporations running on fossil fuels.” On November 8, as French President Emmanuel Macron did, The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights called on Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to The release of political prisoner Alaa Abdel Fattahon hunger strike from April and November 7 also due to thirst.

United State
In keeping with the US national electoral tradition, the polls for midterm elections. The current president, Joe Biden, called on the country to “defend democracy,” while his Republican predecessor, Donald Trump, promised a “big announcement” next week, hinting at his nomination for the White House. The entire House of Representatives, a third of the Senate and a string of elected local offices are at risk in the November 8 election. A referendum on the right to abortion is also being held in four states – California, Vermont, Kentucky and Michigan.

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On November 7, the French episcopate revealed during a press conference that twelve bishops under investigation Through civil or ecclesiastical justice for sexual “assault” or “non-reporting”. The President of the French Episcopal Conference, Eric de Moulin Beaufort, read a letter from Cardinal Jean-Pierre Ricard in which the bishop acknowledged the aggression committed thirty-five years ago against a girl who was a minor at the time.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau China accused trying to interfere in the country’s elections. Trudeau said Beijing was engaged in “fierce games” with democracies and trying to target Canadian institutions. According to reports by some local media, Canadian intelligence has identified a “secret network” of at least 11 candidates supported by Beijing in the 2029 elections.

Head of the country’s prison service Accused He ordered the shooting death of a radio reporter, Percival Mabasa, 63, on October 3 as he was driving to his studio in Manila. On his radio programmes, he accused the Director-General of the Bureau of Corrections, Gerald Bantag, and former President Rodrigo Duterte of corruption. Bantag’s deputy, Ricardo Zolotta, is also accused of murder. The two officials are also under investigation for the murder of another inmate who allegedly hired the Mabasa killer.

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