Czech President Zeman is in intensive care

(Prague) The Czech Republic was plunged into uncertainty after being admitted to hospital by President Milos Zeman on Sunday, the day after the general election, shortly after the defeat of his ally, billionaire and popular Prime Minister Andrzej Babis.

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The president, who plays a key role in appointing the prime minister, was taken by ambulance to a Prague military hospital after an interview with Andrzej Babis, who fainted on arrival.

His doctor, Miroslav Savorl, noted that he had been placed in the intensive care unit, while was quoted by the tabloid as saying by the head of the presidential cabinet, Vratislav Minor. Lightning, He said, “fell asleep during his transfer, that’s all. He is not unconscious. ”

Photo by PETR David Josak, attached pressure

Milos Zeman was admitted to Prague University Medical Hospital.

According to the daily TodayMilos Zeman, 77, is suffering from a liver problem and is in stable condition and could stay in hospital for up to three weeks.

A hospital spokesman declined to comment on his condition.

Milos Zeman’s hospitalization will not hamper post-election talks, spokesman Jiri Ovsek said on Twitter.

Andrzej Babis hopes to stay in power despite his narrow defeat against the center-right coalition on Saturday, which says he is ready to form a ruling coalition with the other two parties.

The president, who has been in a wheelchair for several months, was already in hospital for eight days a month ago and had to vote from his home on Saturday due to his health condition.

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According to the Czech constitution, if both houses of the newly elected parliament declare the president incapable of performing his duties, it is the responsibility of the lower level president to appoint the head of state.

Weak populism?

The coalition that unites the Citizens’ Democratic Party (right), TOP 09 (center right) and the Christian Democratic Union (center) received 27.78% of the vote, slightly ahead of the ANO (27.14%), a popular movement led by Andrzej Bobbis), polls and first results Play the lead.

Photo by Bernadette Sapo, Tenants

Outgoing Prime Minister Andrzej Babis

If the system forms a large coalition with the anti-pirate party and the centrist mayors and the Independent (STAN) movement, the group will have a majority of 108 seats (200 elected) in parliament.

Peter Fiala, chairman of the group, set himself up to form a government on Saturday evening and announced a “strong” mandate. “The president should take this into account,” he stressed.

Photo by Milan Commermeyer, selectors

Group Chairman Peter Fiala

“Let’s see what the president says,” Andrzej Bobbis told reporters. “I am an administrator and my place is in government.”

Some analysts estimated Sunday that the population he covers is weakening since the election.

“This is a victory for the Czech Republic, but for the whole of Europe,” Jiri Briben of Cardiff Law School ruled on Czech television. “This is proof that even if the populists cannot be completely defeated, their progress will be halted and reversed.”

Communists are excluded

According to Michael Klima, a researcher at the Metropolitan University of Prague, “this decision returns to a stable stability”, after the experience, led by Andrzej Babis, “Orphanage” – Orban, who came to support the Czech Prime Minister in Prague before the election of Hungarian People’s Leader Victor.

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Andrzej Babis currently heads a minority government with the Social Democrats, the Communist Party that ruled the former dictatorship of Czechoslovakia from 1948 to 1989.

With a score of 3.6%, the Communists did not exceed 5% on Saturday and will be expelled from parliament for the first time since World War II. The Social Democrats did not reach that bar either.

Andrzej Bobbis, 67, made his fortune in the food industry, chemicals and the media. He has been accused of fraud against European subsidies and the EU is in conflict between his roles as a businessman and a politician.

Last weekend, an international “Pandora Papers” investigation revealed that it had used its foreign companies’ money in 2009 to buy property, including a fort in the south of France. These allegations were made by Mr. Bobbies refused.

According to Otto Eiffel, director of the Department of Political Science at Masarik University in Brno, the revelations of the Pandora Papers did not particularly weigh on the poll: “There are many corruption cases where a lot of voters have become insensitive,” he says.

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