ERC showcases its feminist politics and lists Verge as a campaigner

ERC showcases its feminist politics and lists Verge as a campaigner

Egypt’s electoral authority is looking for a way to attract undecided voters, and yesterday it pressed the feminist button. State president and re-election candidate, Pere Aragonés, claimed feminist policies in the last three years of his government. Even more surprising is that he was the first Catalan executive in history to hold the position of Minister of Equality and Feminism. This is one of the signs that Esquerra has demanded most in this campaign and a symbol, according to Aragones, that his party stands for an “uncomplicated and ambitious” feminist movement.

Since the meeting had to address the government’s policies on this matter, the presence of the head of the department, Tania Verge, could not be absent. For the history books, she will always be the first female advisor to Catalonia. “I’m proud that I was first,” she admitted. He pointed out that he entered the government in May 2021 as an independent, and explained that as of yesterday he was no longer so. Thus, she announced her joining the party because it is “the only force that stands firmly and courageously with feminist policies.”

Hence, the event reviewed some of the key feminist measures taken by the government. What the party is most proud of is promoting the free distribution of reusable menstrual products. In fact, he organized a sit-in in front of the same pharmacy where the procedure was being explained at the time. Mention has also been made of perinatal bereavement leave for public sector workers and the feminization of Mossos d’Esquadra orders.

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Since we are in the election campaign, and after the government’s work was acquitted, criticism came to other formations. Aragonés accused the “conservative feminism” of the PSC or the “feminism without facts” of Junts.

The ERC is continuing its campaign to speak out about its work in government and Aragones warned it will continue to do so, whatever the poll results. What Republicans are doing is mobilizing every fighter. Yesterday, they took the regional minister, Esther Capela, and her predecessor, Julie Fernandez, to Barcelona’s Sants station to denounce the events that occurred in the passenger service. The Equity and Reconciliation Commission distributed leaflets against the “disaster” of train management, denouncing the responsibility of the socialists.

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