The United States and Israel seek to reach an agreement, but Hamas refrains from taking hostages –

The United States and Israel seek to reach an agreement, but Hamas refrains from taking hostages –
to David Frattini

In order not to expand the conflict, the militiamen wanted to enter deeper into Washington. The Palestinians accuse the Jewish state of attacking the hospital. Missiles from Lebanon: 11 wounded

From our correspondent

Jerusalem – The corpse of the helicopter in which Yasser Arafat took off stands on the hill in front of the sea, rusty iron from a now worn-out era. Now it is Herzi HalevyThe Israeli Chief of Staff, by flying over the Strip to observe the operations and motivate the forces fighting in an area of ​​363 square kilometers. the Tanks in line on the waterfront after battles Inside the Beach refugee camp, where Ismail Haniyeh, the head of Hamas who is now abroad, lives, his house was destroyed.

Al-Rashid Street extends along the Mediterranean Sea, and Palestinian families used to come to it at sunset. Now even the asphalt is sand and dust crushed by tracked vehicles. From here, the forces took control of the port and entered Gaza City towards Al-Shifa HospitalWhich is located in the middle of the Strip, even in normal times, and has become the center of this war. Army spokesmen display 3D models to prove it Under the clinic, the fundamentalists dug bunkers at different levelsIt will be the jihadist headquarters, from which the tunnels branch out in different directions, and it is possible that Yahya Al-Sinwar, the leader of the leaders, will be hiding there.

Terrorists declare — writes Reuters – which – which Negotiations on the release of the hostages have failed so far Because the soldiers surrounded the hospital and attacked it
. The army denies striking the buildings in the shelter, explaining that it opened a safe evacuation route and provided 300 liters of fuel to doctors so that life-saving machines could continue to operate, and paramilitary forces could have prevented their delivery. In other clinics, the situation is worseThe sick were taken out and lying in the street, and Palestinian deaths are now more than 11,000.

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The Americans continue to maneuver so that the conflict does not spread. Palestinian groups targeted Israel from southern Lebanon, wounding 11 civilians and soldiers. The coalition bombed the positions of Hezbollah, which controls the areas from which the launch operations were launched. Jake SullivanThe US National Security Advisor in an interview with the broadcaster CBS He puts pressure on the Israelis to prevent the situation from getting out of control: We do not want clashes inside hospitals Josep BorrellThe European Union, which leads EU diplomacy, is calling for an “immediate humanitarian truce.” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responds from the same screens: He repeats that it is so Opposition to returning control of Gaza to the Palestinian Authority (As Sullivan again suggested), he accuses the Western protesters: “Who are you protesting against? Nazis or Allies? He continues to refuse to bear responsibility for the invasion of the south 37 days ago, according to documents collected by the newspaper Washington Post
It reveals that the Palestinian paramilitary forces aimed to penetrate deeper into Israeli territory. “A hostage agreement is possible,” he declares.

Qatar’s mediation is complicated by the anger of the most extremist ministers in the coalition. A monument with a noose and a messianic extremist has appeared in Tel Aviv
Itamar Ben Gvir calls for the death penalty – something unexpected in Israel –
For the 200 terrorists who were arrested on October 7When 1,200 people were killed in the villages surrounding the Strip. Analysts point out how ridiculous it is to provoke fundamentalists when they control the fate of 240 kidnapped people.

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November 12, 2023 (Edited November 12, 2023 | 10:53 pm)

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