The unconfirmed relationship between Beatrice Luzzi and Giuseppe Garibaldi – Big Brother 2023

The unconfirmed relationship between Beatrice Luzzi and Giuseppe Garibaldi – Big Brother 2023

The relationship between Beatrice And Joseph It is full of contradictions and hampered by many doubts. They both think they are playing strategy with each other, and that, for different reasons, they are not being completely honest.

Beatrice realizes that their story will have no future and that at some point she will have to deal with reality, but she is okay with it.

Giuseppe intervenes: in his opinion, women do not play. The boy also feels comfortable with her, when they are not together they look out for each other, and when they spend time in company, they enjoy good moments.

Cesara jokes that women make a young man’s head spin, torn between the charm of maturity and the freshness of youth.

In one of the clips, Giuseppe reacted to an exit Samira. The desperate crying that followed certainly suggests that the young man’s feeling goes beyond friendship.

In the confessional, Giuseppe explains that he backed down out of respect for the girl’s boyfriend, who was abroad. To this day he regrets not confessing his love. If she wasn’t busy he would have done anything to win her over.

And he trusts him too AnitaWhich tells him that he had to announce himself without fear. Samira would never push him away.

Beatrice is confused by all this. Infatuation is one thing, feeling strong is another. “Can’t be fooled“Concludes the woman.

Giuseppe comments on what he saw and belittles it. Gestures are often misunderstood. He clumsily tries to justify himself but is unable to convince Beatrice, who finds his method of defending himself a disaster.

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Anita also intervenes. According to her, her boyfriend was right to free himself. Then he asks the actress a question. Why, despite your stated feelings for Samira, do you still decide to continue getting to know each other? Now he shouldn’t be angry!

The woman does not answer, she is basically calm and clear with her conscience.

After Giuseppe is separated from the group, the boy meets Samira. The young woman freezes, and finally the waiter is able to announce himself. He explains again that he didn’t tell her anything about his feelings so as not to ruin their friendship or disrespect her boyfriend. In all cases, the girl’s absence from the home is felt.

Stop freezing!

The two hug each other warmly. Samira shows sincere affection to the boy. She respects and loves him from day one. He doesn’t think his feelings for her are that strong. He must continue his journey by playing and having fun. There is only friendship between them, there is no point in bringing up certain topics at this moment.

Alfonso calls the mysterious room that Beatrice is watching. He finds everything very nice, but he has no intention of saying goodbye to the girl so as not to make things more complicated.

Samira is forced to leave the house, but first goes to give Beatrice one last kiss. There doesn’t seem to be any hatred between the two, as they both have a clear understanding of the situation.

We then move on to watch a clip of Giuseppe taking off Maximilian And Cyrus. According to him, Beatrice does not care about her children and does not suffer at all. The actress is the first to limit her relationship to the duration of the program. He does it all for fun.

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“I find everything acceptable except talking about children“The woman commented coldly. She didn’t add anything else but her appearance was unmistakable.

The actress never goes lopsided. There will be a way to talk. For now, their story hangs in the balance, hampered by too many words and unspoken truths.

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