League Two results: Pordenone relegation

League Two results: Pordenone relegation

Gregorosi returned to the top after his victory over Cosenza. Pugliesi defeated by Reggina, Team Caserta drops green and black relegated to C. Perugia in external victory at Vicenza, Ferraresi one step away from knockout with Crotone

On a sharp afternoon on Easter Monday in the second division, comes the first sentence of the tournament: Pordenone’s relegation. He will have to win and instead drop 4-1 at home against always Benevento in the live promotion race. The account, on the contrary, at the moment does not condemn Crotone, who was stopped by Spall and with the goal of Bebeto Rossi (1-1), also because they all lose in the red zone (waiting for Alexandria). Cosenza goes 3-1 KO against Cremonese, once again the leader with 66 points. One more lychee, Regina stopped him. On the other hand, Perugia is approaching Frosinone (eighth) and the elimination, turning the challenge 2-1 with Vicenza in third place thanks to Sejri’s first goal in the league. However, with the following races, the top of the ranking will be determined. 6 p.m. Cittadella-Alessandria, Parma-Ascoli, Pisa-Como and Ternana-Frosinone play. At 20.30 it is the turn of the derby between Monza and Brescia.

SPAL 1-1 Croton

Practically throughout the match, Crotone reeked of success – he could have been the first away – which would have ensured more hope. Indeed, the Rossopolis started strong, taking the lead after 7 minutes with Schnegg, who left him alone at the far post and was captured by a cross from Maras. It is his first goal in the league. Crotone then immediately approaches the double with a header from Kargbo. Spal tries to respond, but fails to capitalize on a series of inactive balls and at 23 minutes it turns out to be a photocopy of the ball that led to 1-0, but on the opposite wing. Schnegg sgroppata and the ball to Marek, who kicks high. Beyond the homeowners chance with a header from da Riva, Fido served it. At 36′ Croton is dangerous again with Schnegg, developing a short corner kick in the area. Another confirmation of Ferrari’s suffering in the first half, he concluded it with a counter-attack by Modesto’s team, where Demba Thiam performs a miracle, causing the Kargbo plate to veer off the post. In the second half, Venturato resumes with three changes: Finotto, Meccariello and Esposito enter Vido, Vicari and Da Riva. I was shocked and slowly Spall takes the field. After 60′ Colombo is also out for Melchiore, who has the ball that can be tied on the left. Ten minutes later, Giuseppe Rossi saw himself, too, a month later. At first he approached 1-1 with a left hand kick quickly with the help of Mancuso, then scored the equalizer. Cross from Melchiorri, Control and Strike. The third goal in the league, this time too heavy to stay off the field. Even if he is not here.

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Cremonese-Cosenza 3-1

Cosenza searches for heavy rescue points and after 180 seconds surprises the host with an act of insistence in which Larrivey is the final touch. But as for the Cremonese escape, which returns to top B, it’s only a matter of time. Gaetano takes care of her. First tied at 16′ with a strike from the area. Then, as the guests lose Setum to a physical problem (Lyoti in his place), he scores a crazy goal. Go down to the area and the defenders are planting one by one with tricks. The accounts appear to be closed before the end of the first half because of Vezanin’s own goal from Fagioli’s pass. Cosenza remains in the playing area, fourth from last, and she can breathe a sigh of relief as the distance with the pursuers remains unchanged.

Pordenone Benevento 1-4

11 points behind Cosenza in fourth from the bottom in the absence of three games too many, thus becoming Pordenone’s first touchdown of the season. From the first minute, Benevento became a hammer, winning 4-1 and outpacing Monza for third, even if Brianza should always play. Moncini Prop in less than twenty minutes makes everything easier. First, a head pass with a pass from Farias, then he controls the heel in the area and leaves a punch with his right. Tello touched 3-0, while at 32′ we also see Pordenone with Campiaghi. The first half ends with a free kick from Petriccioni. At 67′ 3-0 is a pool shot (per inning) by Farias, who then also scores a poker. Even Gavazzi at 86′ doesn’t put in the pride tag.

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Vicenza Perugia 1-2

Vicenza’s first Baldini approached the match well, but as the minutes passed the chance to tie Cosenza at 28 points fades, and for the time being remains in the area worthy of direct relegation. Dalmonte scores on the spot using a ball recovered by Diao. Perugia responds in the 17th minute when defender Corrado hits the top corner kick. The guests had the chance to go ahead already at the end of the first half, as De Luca took advantage of Di Maio and Contini’s chaos. However, Airoldi takes care of the procedure and cancels everything for a contact between the striker and the goalkeeper. The judgment was delayed a little: in the 57th minute, Sejri managed to penetrate the area perfectly and lead the first goal in his championship. Shortly before Chichizola is rescued from Giacomelli.

Regina Lecce 1-0

After three consecutive victories, Lecce swallows Regina Square and loses the championship sceptre. 24-year-old Folorunsho decides to center, and is good at answering Gabriel’s procession in Kupisz. The goal arrived in injury time from the first half with a lot of interruptions and a good amount of competition at the expense of quality. With Koda he had to try as well with a car from the midfield. When the match resumed, Lecce took a different position, immediately hitting the crossbar with Strefezza and then putting the hosts under siege, but without the result being unblocked. A big chance for Coda in the final, with the ball being caressed off the net.

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