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A new commitment to the platform appears on Netflix. The new will be implemented nationwide: let’s find out about the changes soon.

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It is the world’s leading platform in the video streaming market of course Netflix. But this remains a service Red Hastings Forced to abide by all kinds of different regulations and licenses around the world, which is why its catalog varies from country to country. A striking example of this RussiaWhich forced the giant to broadcast local television channels. In addition, some economic regions such as the European Union also require foreign broadcasting services to serve a certain percentage of locally produced content.

However, as we have seen with Russia, this is not the case for everyone, with a country Russian President Vladimir Putin Which gives the Giant World a hard time. In fact, the goal of the state is to make the platform a medium for live content, usually broadcast on state television. According to the Moscow Times, Roskomnadzor (The Russian authority regulating internet use) has already added Netflix to its record of so-called “audiovisual services”. These services should actually appear at least 20 state TV channels, including the TV station for the latest news.

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Netflix forced to broadcast 20 Russian TV channels: a contradictory decision

Video streaming platform logo (via screenshot)

So the regulations are imposed Netflix To build a new branch inside the country. At the same time, the streaming platform will have to follow the provisions that prohibit the promotion ofextremism. This choice, according to experts, is aimed at making communication between opponents more difficult. Despite this obligation, so far, it has only been imposed by Russia, so the giant Red Hastings She will be able to follow her initiatives in the rest of the world. But we will see if ‘red N’ will be able to comply with Russia’s decision or whether it will withdraw the service from its country.

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If it is subject to the new rules, it will be interesting to understand how the platform will decide to broadcast TV channels. At the moment, the most realistic thing is to rely on technology broadcast live. In addition, Netflix may rely on live content experiences already made in France. Following the commitments imposed by Russia could lead the giant to explore an unprecedented market.

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