They are blocking peace talks, and the war will continue in 2023

They are blocking peace talks, and the war will continue in 2023

And the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, reiterated, during a television interview, that “Russia in 2023 will continue to defend noble goals of vital importance to the people and the country.” Then he accused the United States: “They do not allow Ukraine to conduct peace negotiations.”

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“over there Russia In 2023 it will continue to defend i nobles Objectives Which is of vital importance to the people and the country.” To confirm that with the new year things are in Ukraine They will not change, at least in the near term, is the Russian foreign minister Sergey LavrovWhich was reported by the agency during a television interview tax He explained, “We always have to be TRUE. I am not a pessimist, even if they say that a pessimist is a well-informed optimist.

Lavrov also reiterated what a responsibility United State In the war in Ukraine. According to the Russian Foreign Minister, Washington does not allow this Kyiv to conduct Peace negotiations With He flieshoping to exhaust Russia.

“Now everyone is talking about the need for it again talksbut they immediately accuse us of refusing to negotiate, even if put it in Lavrov said: He has repeatedly stated that there are no serious proposals. And the example of the Istanbul meeting clearly showed that even then the United States asked Kyiv to back down: ‘Not yet. You have not exhausted Russia to the extent that we, the Americans, consider it sufficient.

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Since then, Lavrov said, the West started the war against Moscow 2014When he orchestrated the “coup in Ukraine” Washington , With the support of Europe to expel Viktor Yanukovych by the Ukrainian presidency. The situation worsened after the agreements were violated MinskWhich “no one would have come forward,” he said, citing a recent interview the German chancellor gave Angela Merkel to me Die Zeit In it, he talked about the agreement as a way to give Ukraine the time it needs to get stronger.

To defend itself, Russia is now implementing supply blocking schemes Western weapons to Ukraine. “We pay attention to the supply of more and more advanced Western weapons to Ukraine. I follow the discussions in our society. Experienced retired army officers emphasize the need for supply channel block from Western weapons, which of course means railways, bridges and tunnels, ”said Lavrov, indicating that one way – to cause Damage to infrastructure, including the power supplies necessary to deliver the weapons – are already in use. Lavrov concluded his speech by saying: “I am sure there are other plans to this end.”

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