The survey overturns Schlein, the phallic iceberg and Angiolini: therefore, today …

The survey overturns Schlein, the phallic iceberg and Angiolini: therefore, today …

– the tar Save againJj4 bearing And everyone cheered. I haven’t seen anyone work so hard for a human prisoner. For a dangerous and problematic animal, yes. The company is heading towards the abyss.

Eli Shlain You should start to worry. Not much because recent polls indicate that Giorgia Meloni’s (physiological) deterioration has now stopped. But because the disclosure of Tecné to the Fourth Republic shows that the Italians did not fully understand its communication strategy. For 52% after revealing the color scheme, they were “less close to people.” A survey may not have been conducted to find out.

– the gas price It drops to around 38 euros, well below the 200 euros that were around a few months ago. However, inflation continues to accelerate. Why? There are many factors, but energy cost is one of them. However, raising prices is easy, lowering them is much lower. So the blow caused by the war (and not only) we suffered and now we will take it to the grave. A solution is urgently needed.

– in Canada They photographed an iceberg with an unusual phallic shape. You’ll say: J News… and you’re right. But it looked nice to me.

– the Deputy Minister Liu He announces that the government is considering lifting punitive sanctions for so-called “avoidance of necessity”. But to issue a rule, if it ever happens, Parliament will take care of it. Whether you agree or not, it’s more than fair. Behind delays or quirks, there is not always the desire to buy a Ferrari.

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– the dad Allegedly there is a peace mission of the Vatican in Ukraine. But neither Kiev nor Moscow say they know anything about it. And this is quite a mystery. Either side wants to avoid too many expectations around the table, which doesn’t explain why Francesco talked about it. Or that the pope has gone a little too far, turning perhaps the first informal contacts into a who-knows-what initiative. We shall see: only time can unravel this strange diplomatic mystery.

– from Pizza, a pizzeria with autistic waiters, worked on Labor Day. Founder Nico Acampora has also hired one of his sons on a permanent basis. Go and explain to Landini that there is nothing “shameful” about not paying attention to the concertone and wearing an apron.

Amber Angiolini He takes it on those who focus on the issue of feminine words and asks for more real rights. Repubblica is offended and replies “Dear Amber” that endings matter too and are not just wages like men’s wages. Seeing feminists slaughter each other in this way is an unexpected pleasure. This time the Concertone on May 1 was a little helpful.

– It happened by chance in a live video of Eliza Esposito, a 2002 influencer best known for inventing the “cursive” way of speaking. She was silent for about five minutes, wearing embarrassed glasses. Contents: None. People live: hundreds. We deserve early repayment.

Marco ArdemagneThe former May 1 bandleader claims on Facebook that he never received the bill payment for his post. “I know the non-payment issue has affected many other people, including many who do harder work than I do, like instrument makers or audio engineers, even in earlier versions, just look online. However, the unions The workers (the usual three) always hanged, to put it in the old style. Who knows, maybe Maurizio Landini, Pier Paolo Bombardieri or Luigi Spara will want to do a little internal investigation to erase this disgrace, because I think it is bad not to pay those who work for the workers ( Unless it was agreed in advance, and we would have done that too)”. Then they took to the stage to talk about the labor law and attack the government making the CDM on May 1st. There is no end to hypocrisy.

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