Marvel’s Midnight Suns: PS4 and Xbox One release date, Nintendo Switch version cancelled

Marvel’s Midnight Suns: PS4 and Xbox One release date, Nintendo Switch version cancelled

2K and Marvel Entertainment today announced the launch of PS4 and Xbox One versions to Midnight from Marvel It’s set for May 11, 2023. Both will be digital-only with all four DLCs already available for purchase. Instead of that The Nintendo Switch version has been cancelled Final, without providing special explanations regarding this decision.

Also scheduled for May 11 release Blood stormthe game’s fourth and final expansion after launch, which you can view the teaser trailer for in the launcher below.

As in previous Marvel’s Midnight Suns DLC, players in Bloodstorm will also be able to take on three new missions and recruit three of their ranks. It is of course about Storm, which is ready to unleash the fury of the elements on its opponents. Let’s read the summary of this character:

Storm, real name of Ororo Monroe, generally considered to be one of the most powerful mutants on the planet, was orphaned at a young age and taken in by the village priestess, while on her way to her mother’s home in Kenya. When their village was suffering from drought, Ororo used His newly awakened powers to summon the rain needed to save his family.”

Years later, when word spread of her ability to control time, Ororo was recruited into the XMen by Charles Xavier and took the name Storm. Later, she led the X-Men, using her mutant abilities to help people around the world. While searching for a menacing mutant child Extinct in New York City with Wolverine, Storm meets Magic, who encourages her to join the Midnight Suns in Bloodstorm.”

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