Tensions escalate with China after the Hawaiian sighting

Tensions escalate with China after the Hawaiian sighting

After the announcement of Feb high voltage between United States of America And ChinaBehold, in heaven United State Back for a new fly ball mysterious. The unidentified object was detected by the US military in the airspace above Hawaii It is still not clear who it might belong to. after Spy balloon Chinese Voltage Can return to the stars between the two.

China, a huge military airship seen in the desert: satellite image. “It’s a sky submarine.”

Chinese Spy Balloon Destroyed by American Fighter: Dropping Video

Chinese spy balloon and US tension: “Blinken’s visit to China has been postponed”

As mentioned before New York Postthe unknown object did not fly over sensitive areas and will not represent a to threaten For national security, but his presence is still a puzzle.

The mysterious object traveled 10 kilometers above the coast of Hawaii and Cannes radar From the army to indicate his presence. The object might not have been shot down, but if it got close to a sensitive point, the Stars and Stripes fighters would immediately take off.

tension in February

In early February a balloon indicator light A Chinese man was killed off the coast of Carolina after flying over the United States. An event that further damaged relations between the White House and Beijing, to the point that Blinken’s visit was postponed to avoid further friction. And now a relapse, that could be just around the corner…

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