“Italia Brilla” stop at Sacro Monte di Varese: science speaks to the youngest

“Italia Brilla” stop at Sacro Monte di Varese: science speaks to the youngest

diverse – 50 stages from north to south to bring students closer to science. This is the goal of the project “Italy Shines: The 2022 Constellation”It is an initiative promoted at the national level by the association travel sky. Today, Monday, May 2, the event has arrived in Varese, in Sacro Monte. Elementary school students participate Don RemoldyAnd that through laboratories and observations of the sky.

magic of science

The purpose of the project is Bringing students closer to the world of scienceTo promote educational success and to combat early school leaving, which, in the wake of the pandemic, is seeing an increase in data. So we want to push them to activate their wonder, interest and desire to imagine a future for themselves, Observing the sky with dedicated tools and laboratories. The project and from UNICEF Italy It is the main partner, sponsored by the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and is part of the joint educational program ofESA – ESA andASI, was promoted on the occasion of the mission of Samantha Cristoforetti Minerva. Varese stage supported by the Iliad.

50 students at Sacro Monte

The initiative is in cooperation with the regional school office and sponsored by Varese municipalityThis is done through supporting and coordinating educational services. On the occasion, share About 50 boys between the ages of eleven and fifteen From the comprehensive Varese 1 Don Rimoldi Institute, in the room it providesFriends of the Holy Mountain Society. Boys are offered the opportunity to participate in Two practical workshops: the first, “Astrokids – Astronauts for a Day,” is dedicated to the selection process for becoming astronauts and for life on the International Space Station; The second relates to the world of communications. At the end of the evening, the boys will have a chance Observing the sky with professional telescopes and the support of professional astronomers from the INAF National Institute of Astrophysics.

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management comment

« Nice initiative to bring students from Varese together For the world of science and scientific disciplineswith a holistic approach by paying special attention to disadvantaged social and economic contexts – announces the Deputy Mayor Ivana Peruzin – The goal is to spark interest and awe in the world of stars and constellations: Following the start of the Samantha Cristoforetti mission, this is the best opportunity to spark a desire for growth and change in boys and girls. It is also a way to Learn and enhance Sacro MonteAs Varese is one of the stages of an Italian tour dedicated to the project.”

“Thanks to this project, science also reaches underserved contexts, creating an opportunity for students to develop critical thinking through direct experience and observation – comments the Education Services Consultant Rosella Dimaggio In a society like ours that is increasingly technological, being able to develop a passion and skills towards scientific topics actually means giving another chance to the future. Not only, There is still a gender gap in technical and scientific subjects, often due to elements of social and family background, which have important consequences for the future of women and society. Through initiatives like these, we want to bridge the gaps, free ourselves from old stereotypes, and allow everyone to express their potential in the best possible way.”

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