In Ascoli Piceno, the lost balls of Italy that no longer exist-

In Ascoli Piceno, the lost balls of Italy that no longer exist-
to Baby Severgnini

Cleaning the roof of a church in Ascoli Piceno has brought back dozens of them, even from the 1970s. Memory of a country without cell phones is played more on the street. And he went to the World Cup

These are days of unforgettable photos. Images that remain imprinted in our brain, even if we don’t want to. Horror, oppression, and death come from Ukraine: corpses on the roadsides, destroyed buildings, children in basements, columns of homeless. Those who take war too risky to talk about it in the bar or on TV think of the man who caused all this. If you justify it, be ashamed. Suddenly there it is: a completely different picture.

What you see on the page
picture Which impressed many of us in Courier service Vary in age, experience and sensitivity. An image that seems to emerge from the childhood of some, from the dreams of others, and from the desires of all. Picture tearing the smile and note: Italy is an enormous place, where poetry, beauty, and genius are often unintentional. We don’t do it on purpose to be that good, when we’re so good. Not even our neglect is always voluntary; much for.

What do you see at the bottom of the picture? balls.
They found dozens of them cleaning the ceiling of the Basilica of San Tommaso in Ascoli PicenoIn light of the restoration of the structure damaged in the 2016 earthquake. Generations of children have sent them there, playing soccer on the field. Commentators, even today, speak of a live shot by the parish priest or of a bell tower when the ball rises vertically – in a delay, by contrast. Here: who knows who the parish priest was, who knows who threw, who knows when they ended up under the bell tower, those balloons. They’ve been there for decades. Small sports museum of the 20th century: plastic and leather models (there is also the museum that was produced for the 1978 World Cup Argentina) That withstood rain, wind, sun in summer and frost in winter.

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Mayor Ascoli Piceno, Marco Ferravanti, says:: Among those balls, many were modern. There are still children playing in the yard today. Less than once, but there. We want to believe it, no one will ask about the history of balloons. But an impression, from the feedback, that they are a collective regret. Those balloons—white, blue, orange, square, inflated, deflated, covered in mould, and covered in mud—are the story of a country where children run through the yards, grandparents watch, and the coordinator mumbles, but lets Italy go to the World Cup, and maybe they won it. Today, these kids have a cell phone in their hands, their grandparents watch the war on TV, and in Italian squares, policemen and placards forbid football. For the World Cup, well, you know. We close with a smile, these days serving. Among the many comments that have appeared on social media, and under the photo, here are the best: The Italian strikers have never had a good goal.

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