Post office permanent appointments, 15 people in Gorizia • Il Goriziano

Post office permanent appointments, 15 people in Gorizia • Il Goriziano

In the first half of this year in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italian Post It employed 102 workers on permanent contracts split between the delivery sector, with 72 settled workers on fixed-term contracts, and 30 in the context of post offices.

The new arrivals are divided by province as follows: Udine 43 (29 postal employees, 12 branch operators, 2 financial advisers), Pordenone 39 (31 postmen, 8 branch operators), Gorizia 15 (10 postmen, 3 counter agents and 2 financial advisors), Trieste 5 (2 postmen, 1 counter, 2 financial advisors). The new hires are strengthening teams at 16 distribution centers and a network of 331 post offices in the region.

Active policy program, which matters About 2000 employees all over Italy, agreed with the trade unions and contributes to the effective implementation of the strategies outlined in the “Sustainability and Innovation 2024” action plan, in particular with regard to the new regulation of delivery. The goal is to transform Postman from a worker focused on traditional mailing to a key player in the growing parcel market and a pioneer in the B2C sector.

Among other active recruitment policies, Poste Italiane also engages in the transfer of contracts from part-time to full-time, recruitment from the external market and the activation of internal branch services.

The average age of the group’s employees decreased from 49.7 years in 2017 to 49.2 years in 2020 Thanks to these integration interventions, it will remain stable until 2024. Reskilling of employees who will be trained in new professional skills and retraining internally to ensure the competitiveness required by the market, will play a central role. The goal of favoring a culture oriented to change over time.

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The proportion of women is also increasing: from 54% in 2017 to 55% in 2020 in 56% expected in 2024. In the delivery sector, the transition to a more stable working position is usually done at the end of work experience with a fixed-term employment contract. Poste continues to search for postmen in the area: To be able to apply, simply enter your resume on the organization’s website.

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