February 1, 2023

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Juventus’ first appearance in the Coppa Italia against Monza without Allegri

Turin Juventus will make their Coppa Italia debut against Monza on Thursday Massimiliano Allegri on the bench because not qualifiedkisa: So it will be up to the deputy Landucci leads the team. Juventus coach pays for the expulsion In a daring final last year, it lost to Inter after extra time.

the facts

The first sparks came in the second half when, with Juventus advancing, the referee awarded a penalty kick to the Nerazzurri for a foul on Lautaro: Allegri did not like it and went into a confrontation with Inter’s assistant coach Faris. Everyone who snaps a yellow cardwhich It turns red in overtime When the Juventus coach, already furious at another penalty kick, responded with a penalty 3-2 after conferring with Var, after being kicked He presents himself in front of the Nerazzurri seat with an aggressive stance. “The referee saw me and rightly kicked me out,” the words Allegri said at the time, and he was forced to follow Thursday’s match from the stands.


The match against Monza sees Juventus return to the Allianz Stadium after the resounding defeat in Napoli: the support of both blacks and whites is therefore needed to boost the morale of the team. There are still a large number of tickets of varying cost From 18 to 20 euros for Curves to 75 for Ovest 1.

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