The strong iPhone in China and the US offsets the decline in Europe

The strong iPhone in China and the US offsets the decline in Europe

Counterpoint estimates that iPhone sales fell about 11 percentage points year-on-year to 20.9 million in January, an improvement from the 18% year-on-year decline recorded in December last year. However, the decline is almost offset by sales in China and the United States.

iPhone sales in Europe remain weak at 3.8 million (compared to iPad sales), down 32% year-over-year and 13% month-over-month, with the third drop in January of at least 30%.

After a roughly 22% year-over-year decline in China during December, largely due to supply shortages, the study now estimates that iPhone sales increased about 6%, to 5.7 million units in January.

Photo: Victor Serban – Unsplash

While sales in China are strong, there has been an improvement in iPhone sales in the US, but in a more subdued form. the report AppreciationIn fact, iPhone sales in the US were down about 4% year-on-year in January (6.0 million), but they’re better than last December’s decline of 8% year-on-year (8, 8 million).

Finally, due to relative strength in China, the US accounted for just 29% of sales in January, down from China which accounted for 27% or about 56% of iPhone sales combined.

In December, we already reported that in China, one in four devices sold was an iPhone.

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