The strange behavior of his recent performance

The strange behavior of his recent performance

The artistry and talent of Pablo Lopez are undeniable. The magic he exudes on the piano can only be achieved with him. It seems that Risto Majeed was not right when he told the Malaga player that he would get nowhere. Pablo Lopez was able to reach the final of the program by finishing in second place, achieving both a miracle and a successful model thanks to his silver medal. A few years later it was shown for the first time 'VI' The piano-accompanied song that made him a hit and garnered thousands of plays. Who was never happy “Backyard” s “My shoes know it.”? The artist was performing a concert in honor of María Teresa Campos, with whom he had a very good relationship and gave several interviews. On such a special night, neither he nor his magic at the piano could be missing. A performance that left a bittersweet taste, The singer was strange in his statements and body posture. We don't recognize him.

Pablo Lopez/Atremedia

The singer was playing the piano “Backyard” Silencing the entire group with his voice and precision. “I was very touched, Pablo, because you reminded me of my mother singing this song.” Tirillo told him between tears. We all know that the singer's expression, his passion for the music, the piano and the melody cause him to have a certain posture and some distinct and specific body movements that are born from the passion he feels. So far, so good. But things start to surprise us when his conversation with Terillo begins. “?How do you feel when you see yourself in front of her now? Tirillo asks him. And here his career begins “It's just that I still see myself in front of her. Wherever she is, she is not there, I mean she was not there before, I saw her and she is still in the same place for me. “I'm lucky you don't have some, they're still there for me.” Pablo Lopez answered. Thinking, posture, and gestures make us suspicious. This is what the network indicated.

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Onlookers noticed it quickly and that was it His attitude went beyond his personality The usual confusion went even further when the artist He refers to Maria Teresa Campos as AmparoIt is a title we have never heard of a journalist before. Users open up a discussion about possible materials the artist could take, and even compare how he acts with those materials By Alfred Garcia. Third place in a rowOperation Victory He has also been judged several times by the audience mocking or questioning his expressions on stage. Opinions vary. There are those who see it as a sensitive performance. artistic imagination, And others They don't see sensitivity anywhere.

Pablo Lopez performance in honor of María Teresa Campos/RTVE

A strange appearance. We all know the talent of the envelope artist, but his attitude gave a lot to talk about. Whatever the real reason for his new appearance, Pablo Lopez and the piano equal magic and talent.

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