GF VIP: Nicole Murgia insulted severely: “You broke the page…!”. The reaction is shocking!

GF VIP: Nicole Murgia insulted severely: “You broke the page…!”.  The reaction is shocking!

How long Nicole Murgia She entered the most famous house in Italy, and the audience immediately started cheering her on. My beloved GF VIP However, he was subjected to severe accusations In recent days, they have been given names that are definitely out of place. The flirtation between Nicole and Danielle didn’t seem to please anyone.

His reaction is not long, so will there be repercussions?

We will find out in the next episode of the show, aired tonight on channel 5.

In the meantime, let’s see what happened!

Insults to Nicole Murgia in GF VIP

Famous for viewers of the famous series “All crazy for loveThe young actress joined the cast of Big Brother a few months ago.

But a shocking event last Sunday upset Jevina and some fellow adventurers while they were out in the yard.

Among those present were Ivana, Onestini, Tavasi and Oriana, who were intent on chatting in the outside area of ​​the house, and heard screams coming from outside directed specifically at Nicole. The sentence will be as follows:Murgia don’t play dead cat with Danielle, she broke p…“.

The shocked contestants commented on the incident, with Ivana and Tavasi speaking in front of Almorgia and asking, “Do you understand?”

The reaction of the directly concerned person surprised her comrades, as she almost said: β€œalways is’, which means he recognized the voice.

Murgia may be aware that she has crossed a line with her roommate Danielle, who she admits is attracted to. What angered “Howl” seemed to be so One hug between Daniele and Nicole.

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GF VIP: Nicole Murgia

Nicole has been nominated for a GF VIP award

Surely, hearing the dead cat on live TV wasn’t a pleasant thing to Jevina. It all happens at a rather delicate moment of his GF VIP trip, because this week Nicole stands in the nominations together with Eduardo, Micol, Antonella, Oriana, Tavasi And Nikita.

Tonight, Monday 27 FebruaryA new episode will be broadcast and more details about what happened may emerge. This issue certainly tipped the balance in the house, so there was nothing left but to wait for the live broadcast and see if Nicole Daniel flirts It is scheduled to continue or the young person will have to leave the program one step away from the end.

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