The story of a 94-year-old grandmother and her grandson who want to set foot on all continents

Visit All continents, including AntarcticaWith his grandson Brad. It's a goal Joey Ryana 94-year-old American woman, last year became the oldest person in the world to visit all 63 US national parks.

Although it is necessary to reach this milestone at her age, the woman does not want to slack off and she is She is now determined to complete her own journey around the world. She needs four continents to do this: Australia, Asia, Europe and Antarctica, and she wants to go there with her grandson.

The past few months I have traveled to Africa, South America, and… At the end of the year they hope to be able to travel to Australia. They will go to Asia and the Old Continent when they can. They want to leave Antarctica foreverBut they warn that it is becoming increasingly accessible and they won't let any opportunity pass them by.

The couple's intergenerational travel adventure began in 2015, when the 85-year-old woman visited her first national park with her grandson. They chose the Great Smoky Mountains, the most visited in the United States.

That first trip planted a “seed of joy” in the woman’s souls, as her grandson Brad explained in several interviews with American media. This is what encouraged them to do so Visit the other 62 located across the country And share their adventures on networks.

The woman called Grandma Joy He had never set foot in the mountains He had only spent the summer in Florida. Finally they completed the challenge After seven and a half yearswith a rest at his home in Ohio.

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It was the last place they set foot American Samoa National Parkin Oceania, on May 17, 2023. There they received the commemorative diploma awarded by the National Park Service to everyone who reaches this milestone.

First passport at the age of 91

The travel rhythm of novelty and network led them to explore the possibility Travel abroad together. That's why Grandma Joy, a widow of 30 years, took out her passport for the first time As 91.

Last year they visited Banff National Park Canada. They also traveled to Kenya in AfricaThey toured Amboseli National Park and Masai Mara National Reserve, and were able to see “the most amazing places and animals I have ever seen,” she said.

This year they were also able to complete the dream of progress south america. In February, they were photographed with giant tortoises in… Galapagos Islands, in EcuadorIn March they visited her Chilean, Where they took the funicular train to Santiago de Chile.

On March 18, coinciding with Grandma Joy’s 94th birthday, the grandmother and her grandson announced their intention to visit continents that they had not yet visited: Antarctica, Australia, Asia and Europe. “You can't waste time,” they explained.

Ryan confirms this Hiking, camping and driving for hours The company of his grandmother changed his idea about the elderly. “We all think about limitations, and it reminds us of all the potential we still have,” the son explained. Similar to CNN.

Joy Ryan is 94 years old and got her first passport at 91 years old. Photo taken during a visit to Chile (Courtesy of Brad Ryan)

In the same interview, Grandma Joy explained that she was doing well and that “if you slow down, you won't have time to do anything.” The fact that they shared so much time together has strengthened the bond between grandmother and grandson.

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Grandma She is so grateful to have a son willing to take her to see the world When asked what she learned about herself on trips with Brad, she joked, “I think I'm more patient than I thought I was.”

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