Joe Biden says the United States will tolerate minor Russian incursions into Ukraine

US President Joe Biden has said the United States will retaliate violently against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. However, during a press conference, he said he was “ready to accept small trials.”

For the first time there was no Govt-19 infection at the center of a White House press conference. The status of the epidemic and vaccination campaign was rapid in favor of very heated arguments. Of these, the crisis between Russia and Ukraine affects everyone, including NATO. “If Vladimir Putin invades Ukraine, he will regret it – US President Joe Biden told reporters – I have spoken clearly with Putin and now it is up to him to decide whether to continue the diplomatic dialogue or face dire consequences.” Biden also said he had arranged for the shipment of military equipment to Ukraine Worth $ 600 million. “Only a defensive move – he said – because a military attack would claim many lives.”

According to the US President, Russia’s armed invasion of Ukraine is in a corner. Explaining the fears about relations between the two countries, Biden stressed that he expects “a little trip” from Putin. If so, he said, “we can see the struggle between the do’s and don’ts.” Simply put, the United States is ready to accept raids that are not “the size of an invasion.” A vague definition that NATO did not comment further. The policy on cyber attacks is also not clear: the latest has paralyzed Ukraine for several days. According to Kiev, that is Attack by Putin To destabilize the country. Currently, the United States is insisting on a physical invasion of the country.

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According to CNN, Kiev saw in the words of US President Joe Biden Recognition for invading the country With the help of the Armed Forces. Immediately, the White House stressed that “crossing the border could lead to a harsh response from the United States and NATO.” However, Pitton’s words remain the same. In light of recent reports and recent events, Ukrainian troops are preparing for an “expected” invasion in days.

Exodus from the Russian Embassy in Kiev

The embassy’s eviction, which began last week, is being viewed with concern by experts. According to the New York Times, the fear is that this is a campaign move or a preparation for the coming conflict. The move follows the failure of talks between NATO and Russia.

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