Which municipalities increase their population in summer and which ones lose: see the map

More than a third of the municipalities with a population of more than 1,000 are in Catalonia They increase the population during the summer periodAccording to 2022 data released by the Statistics Institute of Catalonia (Idescat). Specifically, 172 out of 474 municipalities (36%) exceeded the number of registered people during the summer period, and In some cases it reached five times.

The Idescat study estimates the seasonal population In these municipalities – that is, a person who does not live there all year round – and compare him with the registered population, To study the differences throughout the course.

El Port de la Selva, Bales, Sant Pere Pescador, and Santa Susana They are, in this order, the municipalities in Catalonia that during the summer experienced a greater increase in population compared to the average year. All four sites They have tripled the population They were registered, and in the first two cases they multiplied the population by five. In other words, four out of five summer residents did not regularly live in the municipality.

It is followed on the list by municipalities such as Tossa de Mar, Salou, Cadaqués, Bigor or Platja d’Aro. In total, Catalonia has as many as 26 municipalities whose summer population will double in 2022.

In the following map you can see the municipalities that were analyzed and the seasonal increase of population during the summer period.

This seasonal population estimate was made by Idescat for Analysis of the population burdens borne by each municipality And measure the number of people there on average on an annual and quarterly basis.

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In the account, It includes people who have a relationship with the municipalityEither because they live there, work there, or study there. It also includes people who, although not having their usual residence in the area, spend a certain period of time there, Whether for holidays, weekends or summer.

The study takes this into account Overnight stay in tourist establishments – Hotels, camps or apartments – and private residences, those of relatives or friends. It also includes transportation without an overnight stay for work, tourism, or study.

You can refer to the following drawing List of municipalities with the largest increase in population in summerThe percentage of variation in relation to the number of registered population.

Tarragones and Baix Empordà, the two provinces with the largest seasonal population

In absolute terms and according to the study, Barcelona is the municipality of Catalonia with the largest seasonal population: More than 74,000 people above the annual average. However, in the summer period the balance is negative, and the number of people living in the Catalan capital is less than officially registered.

Among the municipalities that lose, in percentage terms, the largest in summer population are Alster, Torrelles de Llobregat and Santa Coloma de Cervelo. During the third quarter of the year, the population decreased by about 14% from the recorded number.

In absolute terms, outside Barcelona, Municipalities that lose the largest number of residents in the summer They are Hospitalet de Llobregat, Badalona, ​​Sabadell, Terrassa and Santa Coloma de Gramenet.

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If we look at the provinces, those with the largest absolute positive annual balance are as well Tarragonès, Baix Empordà and Alt Empordà. Pex Empordà has a population of approximately 100,000 people between June and August, and Tarragones 80,000 people.

In terms of percentage, the provinces with the largest year-round seasonal residents are Pallars Sobirà (46.4%) and Arran (39%).

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