The right-wing Spanish press is angry and shouts against the “immorality” of the pardon

The right-wing Spanish press is angry and shouts against the “immorality” of the pardon

the Amnesty law This has raised alarm bells in the newsrooms of right-wing Spanish newspapers. Editorial Mundo – “A dangerous point and a fragment in the history of our democracy” – he defines it as “the most immoral law in modern Spain” because the goal “is not reconciliation, but the shameful distribution of power” and points out that Pedro Sánchez surrendered the Socialist Workers’ Party, state institutions and society as a whole “to demand that the politician escape from Punishment [Carles Puigdemont] Which led the major constitutional crisis since 1978.

“Yesterday the state apologized to political minorities that want to alienate its citizens. History is being rewritten to turn those who were attacked into aggressors and those who were kidnapped into champions of freedom,” continues the editorial, which warns that after the amnesty, independence will require a referendum, say Gabriel Rovian and Myriam Nogueras. The newspaper concludes, “Judges are truly the last barrier to erasing crimes.”

On the other hand, theABC He accuses the Socialist Workers’ Party of breaking the 1978 regime and says that agreeing to the amnesty is a victory for independence over the state. “A victory celebrated by those who committed crimes and attempted to turn millions of Spaniards into foreigners in their own country, and who did so by embezzling public funds and committing crimes of extraordinary gravity,” said the newspaper’s editorial, which lamented the lack of participation of the PSOE. The representative or senator, with the exception of Javier Lampan, has raised his voice against the law.

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“This law is, above all, an unjust law and our king cannot fail to sign it. This is a rule that constitutes an exception to the equality of Spaniards and breaks nothing more than the dignity of our legal system. It is a rule that turns our criminal law into a currency forged by the hands of specific beneficiaries, which resigns from “The legitimate defense exercised by the rule of law during the process.”

Finally a manager the reasonFrancisco Marhunda, defines the amnesty as illegal and unconstitutional and criticizes the submission of the PSOE deputies to Pedro Sánchez. “No one has raised their voice against this brutal attack on the separation of powers and the rule of law. They have accepted lying as a political tool. We all know that amnesty is illegal and unconstitutional, as Sanchez has said many times, but they feel comfortable in a party system that guarantees them a salary they will not receive outside Politics”.

Marhonda insists on describing the socialist representatives as a flock of sheep who blindly follow the Spanish president, and likens him to a populist leader. “They lack independence, will or conscience. They are not socialists, but Sanchez. “It must be recognized that Sanchez knows the human soul well and has been able to purchase the vast majority of wills that all have a price,” adds the director of La Razón, who emphasizes that The pardon is full of lies and is nothing more than a commercial contract to maintain the presidency of the Spanish government.

“It is true that Sánchez has a majority on the transition committee composed of Conde Pompidou, Balaguer, Segoviano and Diez who could, ideally, serve as judges of the Cuban Supreme Court. The illegal amnesty now begins a circuitous and uncertain path, he concludes, but Sánchez will go down in history as the promoter A brutal attack on the separation of powers.

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