Tony announces Colombo international tour: Stops in Canada and US

Tony Colombo’s music flies overseas “Tony Colombo International Tour”, Expected revenue United States And inside Canada. For 2021 Tony Colombo Ends in the name of the United States, with first dates announced in February 2022, with the first date in Montreal, Canada. The tour continues to Long Island and Brooklyn, Connecticut in New York in April, for a constantly updated calendar.

New from the great success of his last concerts in Europe, With a double date in Belgium, Tony Colombo asserts himself as an artist, one of the few who has the ability to bring neopolitan music to the world with an art form rooted in tradition, but at the same time attracting new generations. Thus, the infinite success of a singer who enjoys the most prosperous period from a creative and professional point of view: his The Hand of God 2.0, The cover of Alejandro Romero’s famous song, Tony Colombo pays homage to Diego Armando Maradona, which is reducing the population on the internet.

International tour dates here:

February 19 Montreal, Canada

22 April Long Island, New York

April 23 Bucklin, New York

April 24 Connecticut

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