The Socialist Workers' Party condemns the execution of Sanchez's doll before the Public Prosecutor's Office

The Socialist Workers' Party condemns the execution of Sanchez's doll before the Public Prosecutor's Office

he PSOE Yesterday, he filed a complaint with the Public Prosecution regarding the New Year’s Eve protests in front of his headquarters, in which a doll representing the Prime Minister was executed. Pedro Sanchez. The text is based on the fact that these facts cannot be protected by freedom of expression and must therefore be subject to criminal charges because “they clearly go beyond political criticism for the position of the Socialist Workers Party and, in particular, Pedro Sánchez.” Within the framework of the goal of glorifying behaviors with aspects of violence, hatred, hostility and discrimination that we are witnessing at the present time, and which incite unlawful situations.” He concluded that “speech that generates hatred and discrimination has no protection or coverage in the constitutional rights of freedom of expression, freedom of ideology or conscience.” “.

She incites situations “such as massacre or lynching,” the complaint said. This, in their opinion, would jeopardize “the safety and personal integrity of those who represent the Socialist Workers' Party or who sympathize with the socialist ideology with a clearly threatening attitude towards all of them.” There are several types of criminal offenses described in the text of the complaint beyond a hate crime. These are threats, insults or “provocations such as incitement to violence against the head of government and the group represented by the Socialist Workers' Party.”

On the other hand, the exacerbating factor of “ideological discrimination” has been demonstrated. They say: “He moved from the seriousness of metaphor to the seriousness of imitating facts. He moved from threatening with words to threatening with facts.” In this line, attention is drawn to the fact that the propaganda of the protests broadcast through social networks and repeated in the media could “incite followers of the extremist ideology of the advocates to carry out acts of violence against militants and socialist sympathizers, as can be seen in the images presented.” In the same week, a member of the Executive Office of the Socialist Workers Party filed a complaint with the Civil Guard due to damage to his car and “repeated” threats.

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The text of the complaint depends on the arguments when it comes to justifying a hate crime, as jurisprudence defines it in cases where it is directed against vulnerable groups. To do this, they say, it is directed against the assumption of “ideological and political ideas”; In this case socialism. “The behavior reported is a clear example of this discriminatory motive, because besides what can be protected in harsh, bitter or even unpleasant criticism, to some extent, of an administration or a political action, it contains a trade union association, and the attack on and they say that the attack is due to The affected people belong to a group, which in this case is the one that defends socialist ideas and runs socialist governments.

Meeting organizers have been identified

In its complaint, the PSOE identifies the authors, organizers and promoters of the protest where the Sanchez puppet was executed, including the presenters of the event in a program broadcast on social networks, and traces their links to… Fox. He added, “All of these actions that led to the events of December 31, coordinated and organized over time, and consistent according to the evidence described, appear to have a common link through the political formation “Fox” through organizations linked to the party it leads. Santiago Abascal.

The letter, which details Vox's weaving of relationships with organizations and people who meet or participate, requests an investigation into the above links “to determine potential criminal responsibilities in such facts” for the training. They add the possibility of irregular party funding.

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