Eastmed at full throttle. The long-awaited arrival of the United States hack

Eastmed at full throttle.  The long-awaited arrival of the United States hack

Meeting of the foreign ministers of the United States, Cyprus, Greece and Israel. High on the agenda is the energy and feasibility of the gas pipeline that will connect the eastern Mediterranean with Italy, which will help us reduce dependence on Russia. Waiting for a feasibility study by the European Commission and an appointment in a few months for the final decision

This is the step that Cyprus, Greece and Israel, as well as Italy, have been waiting for. that of Anthony BlinkenCity Police. Now, the Eastmed pipeline, more than 1,900 kilometers away to carry power from the eastern Mediterranean to Europe via Puglia via the Poseidon branch, can begin again.

war Russian President Vladimir Putin Against Ukraine Pushing the West to diversify its energy supply sources to reduce dependence on Russia. Over the past few weeksundo previous Stop For reasons of economic sustainability (the decision that Turkey clearly enjoyed Recep Tayyip Erdogan), the United States sent signals of openness to Eastmed. “After the latest developments, we will take a fresh look at everything,” he said. Andrew LightAssistant Secretary of State for International Affairs and the Environment at a recent conference in Washington. “It’s not only about going green, it’s also about moving away from Russia,” he added.

Today’s video conference (Monday, May 9th), so) appears to be another – expected – step forward. Minister Blinken met with the Foreign Ministers of Cyprus (Ioannis Kasoulides), Greece (Nikos Dendias) and Israel (Yair Lapid) with the so-called 3 + 1 formula. Memorandum issued by the US Department of State Emphasizes a “shared commitment to promoting peace, stability and prosperity in the Eastern Mediterranean” and places energy as its first area of ​​interest. Then comes the economy, climate, emergencies, counter-terrorism, resilience, and communication. Speaker Ned Price’s statement ends as follows: “The Ministers decided to develop a roadmap with tangible results for the coming year, To lay the foundations for a subsequent meeting before the end of 2022.”

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So it appears that the status of Eastmed has been opened, and now it is up to the officials to prepare for the next meeting at which a final decision must also be made in light of the feasibility study being carried out by the European Commission which has been called. Also by the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakos In a recent interview with the newspaper, to what.

Italy also looks at Eastmed with interest, as he understood Giancarlo GiorgettiMinister of Economic Development, after a recent meeting in Jerusalem with Karen AlhararThe Israeli Minister of Infrastructures said, “Israel asserts itself as an important partner in diversifying energy supplies also through LNG,” he said. Government Mario DraghiThus, it operates under bipartisan parliamentary pressure. Copasir identified this pipeline as one possible way to diversify its energy sources In the latest report on “The consequences of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine in the field of energy security”. He explained that the project “is executable in about four years, and in its first phase, it will bring to Italy an additional flow of 10 billion cubic meters annually that can be doubled to 20 billion cubic meters in a second phase.” Nicola MontyEdison CEO, in a recent interview Formiche.net.

(picture: TwitterNikosDendias)

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