The sky is with a discount, the Christmas gift arrives early: everyone can do it

The sky is with a discount, the Christmas gift arrives early: everyone can do it

Sky with discount, Christmas gift arrives early (

The sky is with a discount, the Christmas gift arrives early: everyone can do it. A new offer for subscribers is worth considering

Serie A has been suspended until January 4. All other tournaments in Europe that will resume at the beginning of the new year or before the New Year at the latest. to me Pay TV and Broadcast TV is a stagnant moment, but that doesn’t mean they’re staying still because even near Christmas i New subscribers They serve.

Sky at a discount
Sky with discount, Christmas gift arrives early (

like him sky Just launched a file new offer At an important discount, equal to more than 50% on some contents. Another “Special Week” promotion officially begins which will end on Sunday, December 12, 2022 and in this period Comcast Pay TV will be offering its packages to new subscribers at a discounted rate.

In particular, the proposal provides forSubscription for Sky TV and Sky Cinema content (including Paramount + and Netflix) and at €19.90 per month for the next 18 months. Under normal circumstances, the list price is €44 per month, so it’s well under half.

Sky with discount, Christmas gift first come first: Coca presents the offer

So let’s see together what the package includes. with Sky TV New customers will have access to programmes, TV series, documentaries and news as well as all Sky Original products. Besides, there is also a wide range of Italian and international TV series, some simultaneously with the US, as well as Sky shows for entertainment, to watch with the whole family or friends.

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In addition to a wide range of documentaries with mysteries of nature, animal world, current affairs, history and science. Not forgetting Peacock, with the hits of NBCUniversal, available on demand: new original and historical series, reality and movies.

rather with Sky cinemathe user will be able to see more than 200 premieres a year, selected from the best Italian and world cinema, with more than 200 Sky Originals annually and more than 1,500 titles of all genres and for the whole family.

sky show
What is Sky ( showing

Along with Cinema Sky also offers a subscription to Paramount + (which will cost €7.99 per month) at no additional cost. With the streaming service, original Italian productions, super-successful films, rich offerings of TV series, great classics and plenty of entertainment for the little ones are available.

Sky With the discount, the package also includes Netflix and Sky Glass TV: that’s how it works

But that’s not all, because the package is also included Netflix. Customers will have access to all its content and features. So TV series, movies, documentaries and children’s programs. However, it will be possible to keep your Netflix account or create a new one to watch Netflix on Sky Q and on all your devices. The included Netflix plan is the basic plan, with viewing on one screen at a time.

Finally, until next December 12, it will be possible to subscribe to this new offer also through Sky Glass. When you buy a 43-inch TV (basic model) you’ll pay €11.90 per month, with an advance of €1 instead of €125, but only with a Sky subscription. So with Sky Glass the total price of the offer is 31.80 € per month.

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Skyglass discount
Skyglass discount (ANSA)

All this while waiting for the month of January to arrive, because with the restart of all activities, new offers will certainly also arrive for Sky Sport and Sky Calcio.

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