Heather Parisi’s husband Umberto Maria Anzolin

Heather Parisi’s husband Umberto Maria Anzolin

It is known that Umberto Maria Anzolin married Heather Parisi, also pregnant with twins in 2010: Elizabeth and Dylan. In 2013, Umberto Maria Anzolin married Heather Parisi. Umberto is a well-known businessman from Vicenza and manager of a tannery, who became controversial due to a sensational scandal. He has been living with his wife and children in Hong Kong for several years.

Heather Parisi’s Husband: Who is Umberto Maria Anzolin? Family business scandal

The husband of a TV show girl has been embroiled in a series of controversies since, according to some rumors, the Public Prosecutor’s Office entered his name in the register of suspects for the bankruptcy of the family company Conceria Anzolin. The couple was well known in the Vicenza area, where it is said that the bankruptcy of the company was caused by Umberto and Heather. Umberto and Heather divorced in 2009, after which the company went bankrupt, owing all the money to the family.

In 2013 the family decided to move to Hong Kong to start a new life. In Italy, however, the 52 laid-off employees and the multimillion-dollar debt remain, precisely because the family does not have a good reputation. Now the Anzolins, and Umberto in particular, are at the helm of the eastern branch of the import-export company.

Heather Parisi La Fax: Her Ideas Are Against the Vaccine

For her part, Heather Parisi hasn’t been without controversy for her not so hard-line stances in recent years. “In a normal society, a very personal decision not to vaccinate would not even be necessary. But for nearly two years we have not lived in a normal society, and when I dare to say that I do not vaccinate (…) I am immediately silenced, because these opinions belong to experts and scientists.” Only, according to her, only those who follow the official version criticize it.

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