June 3, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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He wanted to hit a doctor, kill 4 people, and then commit suicide- Corriere.it

A gunfight on the campus of St. Francis Hospital. The killer wanted to hit a doctor in particular, after the massacre in which he committed suicide

He wanted to hit a doctor, so he was killed. In the end he committed suicide. a New bloody shooting disturb theAmerica And it reignites the debate over too many guns in circulation in the United States. This time, the scene of the clash was not a school, but a hospital campus Tulsa, OklahomaThe tragic outcome: 5 dead, including the killer. A number of wounded were also injured, one of them in a very serious condition. According to what has emerged so far, the killer is armed with Gun, Fire opened on the second floor of the Natali Medical Building, one of the buildings on the campus St. Francis Hospital4 people were killed before they committed suicide. Police Chief Richard Mullenberg, who spoke at the scene of the massacre, spoke catastrophic scene, as reported by the American media. News about what happened is still mixed and scattered. According to reports from CNN, President Joe Biden Immediately aware of what happened.

This episode will happen in a few days From the Uvald massacreIn Texas, where a boy armed with an automatic rifle killed 22 people at a school.