The signature takes revenge on the “selfie” in Sant Jordi Musical de la Damm

The signature takes revenge on the “selfie” in Sant Jordi Musical de la Damm

In the disc industry, we look at the book industry with envy, because physical objects there are better able to withstand the temptations of the digital model. But both CD and CD film have renewed discerning fans and many of them gathered yesterday at the Sant Jordi Musical at the Old Factory Estrella Damm: Quixalla freed from classes in the morning, and a slightly more mature audience in the afternoon, bringing tastes of live music like that of Triquell , refined talent from the Eufòria team.

Triquell appeared there with four musicians to provide a recap of his songs, such as Jugular, attributed to what he calls “the hybridization of electronic pop taken into dark and experimental territory.” He explained this in an article in this newspaper in which he showed his disagreement with the Urban Music Company. “It's a marketing invention, the farther away from this bag you are, the happier you are. For people who live in a duplex in Poblenou, saying they are urban makes me a stick.”

The crowds were spread out over three stages, all named after the Industrial Revolution: the packing dock, the machine room, and the cooking room, with a total of 10,000 in attendance. There was Els Amics de les Arts, in a triptych version without extras, retrospective songs like No ho entens (which they did not appreciate at the time and which became a classic: “We were never very successful with singles”) or Mama Dosha, with the famous Rikiti that Alone in front of the synthesizer, it was like an orchestra, or meritxel Niedermann, revealing Solta's pop-art refinement.

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It was surprising to find, after all, that the selfie didn't kill off a lifelong signature as a remnant of fandom. Queues in front of Adrià Salas (La Pegatina), Figa Flawas, Riders of the Canyon… And Gulem Gisbert, at his first show without a Manel coat, signs blank sheets of notebooks, coats, concert collections… ¡And even records, he listens ! “I'm surprised, I didn't think there were so many CDs and vinyl at 50% or so,” he admitted to this newspaper. Joy and sense of humor. Does he actually have followers who drop flowers like I've been following you since I was little? “So much! I reached this state a long time ago.”

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