It has become the most dangerous competitor to the Volkswagen T-Roc because it is equally good and bad…

It has become the most dangerous competitor to the Volkswagen T-Roc because it is equally good and bad…

Volkswagen It has always been described as a manufacturer that has positioned its models halfway between generic and premium brands, a position that has turned the German brand into a benchmark in Europe, among other things because its simple models are models that many would like to make. Small financial effort, and at the same time, the best models equipped in every way are options that premium brands do not envy.

In this sense, there are very few brands that can compete head-to-head with them Volkswagen It is what refers to the positioning of its models in terms of price. Of course, there is a manufacturer that can also be proud of being a reference, not perhaps at the level of Volkswagen sales, but at the level of evaluation by its drivers: Mazda.

The Japanese manufacturer has always been distinguished by having a philosophy that combines sportiness and elegance in its models in addition to a high degree of technology, which means exceeding the cost compared to some general brands, but it places its models in one way or another in first place. The same level as the German brand, which makes many see the manufacturer from Japan as the most interesting option.

The Mazda CX-30 is a good “plan B” to the Volkswagen T-Roc

A good example of this is what is already one of the big competitors of volkswagen T-Roc, he mazda cx-30, The urban SUV that can boast a very elegant and sporty design and now also has a promotion that leaves one of its most interesting versions at a really attractive price.

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In this case it is the version that comes with the ending Nagisawell equipped as standard, along with a 122 hp petrol engine mated to a manual transmission as well as a mild hybrid system that allows it to wear the DGT’s ECO label and thus benefit from all its advantages that are not particularly few.

With all the promotions and discounts, this version ends at a fixed price Less than 29,000 euros. It’s obviously a high price considering some of its direct generic rivals, but also don’t take into account that it’s a model that comes very well equipped as standard, and has a level of quality in its build and workmanship. Its materials are of high quality which also includes a lot of standard technology and is therefore one of the models that challenges the best-selling Volkswagen in Spain.

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