June 3, 2023

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The shooting stopped for two hours in Zaporizhia, and the Russians returned the body of an American volunteer killed at the front to Kyiv.

A two-hour lull in the struggle between Russia And Ukraine was called today A Vasilievkain the area Zaporizhiain order to facilitate the return of a Kyiv From Moscow the body of a twenty-four-year-old American Joshua Alan Jones. The US Army veteran was killed in August in the Donetsk region while fighting with the Ukrainian faction. With a short respite, there was also an exchange of prisoners between Russians and Ukrainians: “among them was an officer and nine soldiers,” said the head of the Ukrainian presidential office. Andre Yermak. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Uses He has already informed the family of the victim, who was identified thanks to tattoos and other distinctive marks on the body, which the Ukrainians took in an ambulance.

Father: “I didn’t stop at the thought of not finding him.”

The Russians have already sent photos of the young body to Ukraine for preliminary identification. Jones’ remains have been found on the territory of the self-proclaimed People’s Republic Donetsk – In which only Russia recognizes independence – he was buried in a mortuary. Jones was part of International Legionwho collects me foreign fighter Who decided to fight on the side of the Ukrainians. It was the latter who gave the news of the return to the fighter’s father, who in CNN He declared: “He’s back! You have no idea how much weight our family has carried at this moment, I have not given up on the idea of ​​never finding it again.” according to what CNNthe fifth American Jones is killed in the war between Ukraine and Russia, while at the moment – Grady Corbasi – Missing.

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