June 6, 2023

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“Boycott the vodka!” The latest anti-Russian idea came from the United States: bottles are banned in supermarkets

boycott vodka. It’s the latest anti-Russialaunched by United States of America And Canada, to undermine the Kremlin’s economy after the start war at Ukraine. “Empty all Russian vodka bottles, with ammunition and rockets, ship them empty to Ukraine so they can be used as Molotov cocktails,” Republican Senator Tom Cotton wrote on Twitter.

The answer came from New Hampshire, where alcohol is sold in state stores: Republican Governor Chris Sunono announced the removal of all Russian products. The same decisions, practically at the same time, came from Ohio, Texas, and Utah. And in Canada, the Ontario Liquor Control Board, the country’s most populous province, announced the removal of all “Russian products” from its 600 stores.

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Tea, caviar and telegram are also in the scenes

However, banning vodka would not be so bad for Russia from an economic point of view. Of all the vodka consumed in the two countries, about 1% is imported from Russia, the New York Times wrote, citing data from the United States Distilled Liquor Board, an association of alcohol producers and distributors.

But on the network, not only vodka is in the crossfire: there are those with the rampant hashtag #BoycottRussia asking to uninstall Telegram, founded by the Russian Pavel Durov, but also those who suggest not to buy Russian caviar and tea and reduce the use of gas.

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