Fiat, will it be the return of the legendary coupe? Here’s how it will be (video)

Fiat, will it be the return of the legendary coupe?  Here’s how it will be (video)

There is a lot of talk in Fiat about renewing the range, and in the future an icon like the coupe could return. Here are the first pictures.

A new dawn is approaching for Fiat, which has good news in store for the future of its range. Among them, the arrival of the new Panda undoubtedly stands out, which will represent a real revolution for the Turin plant. The model that will be released in 2023 will abandon the Part A by introducing the B, taking the dimensions of a small SUV and converting it to an all-electric.

Fiat (Adobe Stock)

Stellantis, the Dutch multinational of which Fiat is a part, plans to move towards electrification of all rangesAnd manufacturers have begun adjusting to prepare for an expiration date set for 2027. Turin’s house It also has other innovations in the pipeline, inspired by the past.

And above all there is the famous coupe, which was produced between 1994 and 2000, before the serious crisis that almost led to bankruptcy. For the Italian brand, thanks to the intervention Sergio Marchionne In the middle of the first decade of the twenty-first century. The coupe was built in about 70 thousand copies, With the engine in the transverse position Front-wheel drive and gearbox first at 5, then at 6 speed. Now it seems like it’s time for his great comeback.

Fiat, this is how the new coupe could be

The Fiat Coupé has remained in the hearts of enthusiasts due to its sporty looks and excellent performance, but the version produced in the second half of the 1990s was never followed up. the channel Youtube 85“He created a show based on the rumors associated with this great comeback, giving us a car with very harmonious and futuristic shapes.

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In terms of the engine, the car has been imagined with 170 hp 1.4 turbo, all thanks to cooperation with Abarth Which may give a good boost to the power of the engine. There is also talk of a 2.0 petrol engine with the addition of the hybrid system, capable of pushing it to up to 300 hp, marking a milestone for the Piedmont brand.

The Fiat Coupe was highly regarded in its day, but it created a kind of rift among fans of this car manufacturer. Some were close to venerating it, loving it in any version and on any road surface, while others considered it so different from the manufacturer’s DNA that they saw it as something that had become overly disconnected from traditional designs.

However, we are absolutely convinced that its return can bring a breath of renewal and sportsmanship that this brand lacks today. In fact, there is more and more talk about electric cars and about a new phase of cars that will be dominated by SUVs and crossovers, but many people still adore coupes, low-end cars and extreme cars. The coupe’s return may go against the trend as it has for nearly three decades, but for that very reason it could be a totally unexpected success.

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