The seven common mistakes that lead to a high electricity bill

The seven common mistakes that lead to a high electricity bill

Do you often have to pay large amounts of bills? You’re not alone: ​​here are the 7 most common price gouging mistakes

Is your utility bill higher than it should be? Have you ever had to pay exorbitant electricity bills? You are not the only one, as reported by the data in America, where More than a quarter of Americans buy fewer essential goods to pay their electric bills. This is a problem that goes far beyond America, and we’re seeing it on our own bills. But it’s not just a matter beyond our control: there are many bad habits that drive up prices. Help yourself 7 common mistakes that make our bill much more expensive.

The first of these is Forget cleaning the filters Heating, ventilation and air conditioning. In fact, when a system’s filters are in poor condition, the system has to work harder, and it takes longer to reach the desired temperature. This will significantly increase your bill. To save money, clean the filters every two weeks.

Speaking of air conditioning, it is important to know how to configure it correctly. It is important to turn it off or at least Lower the temperature When you leave home for a long time. Even five notches make a huge difference when it comes to utility bills. Having an adjustable thermostat is a great idea for regulating temperatures while you sleep, saving money in the process.

Another underrated tool is Water heater, which continues to heat the water even when not in use. One solution might be to invest in them Non storage water heaterwhich will cost a lot up front but may save you money in the long run.

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Another aspect to consider is the house itself. Since they are all different, optimizing spaces is not always straightforward. you can order Energy Diagnostics from the apartment, which will lead professionals to identify the reasons for the largest energy consumption and how to competently resolve the situation.

Make sure all devices are working at their best –

Even without a diagnosis, it is important to recheck All electrical tools in the house And make sure you use it as efficiently as possible. We’re talking about dishwashers, washing machines, etc. – all modern appliances have anti-consumption options like eco mode and the like. It is very important to make sure that everything is set correctly.

However, what is less obvious is We are aware of the spaces through which air passes. This will make it more difficult for air conditioners, stoves, and other similar appliances to work, and can add to your bill Up to 20% more. It is important to repair these gaps and holes as quickly as possible.

Finally, the classic and perhaps obvious fallacy of laziness: It matters Turn off and unplug all lights when not in use. It can be tiring at times, but it helps a lot in reducing consumption, ensuring a less devastating bill next month.

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